Friday, February 03, 2006

Former Band Member Going Solo!

Annalise Lovelace has been fiddling around on and off with aspirations of a solo career for a while now. She was one of the masterminds behind the Bands Against Bush show in 2004 in the courtyard outside of the late Garden of Sheba that brought a wide variety of artists together, including The Civil-War Reenactors and Lauren Hoffman!

I was catching up with Annalise on IM a few weeks ago, before I took the big plunge back into PVCC. She told me about her new MySpace account that currently has three of her songs up. So I thought I'd do the old support thing and try to send some folks her way. I'm really happy with the stuff she has written since we last worked together. I'm particularly found of On Redemption. It's always great to see a friend still at it and improving with time. Hope she finds a good band and keeps it up.

Back in the Day...

Annalise was the guitarist for my former band Side Effects. Between late 2003 into 2004 we did a lot of practicing in the second story of the old Michie building, and a few gigs at No Shame Theater. It was a fun experience. We were primarily a trio, with the occasional walk in friend. Eric Hovermill was on drums and I sang. Near the end of the band's brief life, we were joined on bass by the mad pirate Caleb. Wherever he is now, I wish him much booty to plunder. Dude got me listening to the Violent Femms!

Anyway, we were a crazy mix to figure out how to fit together. Hovermill was listening to a lot of Led Zeppelin, Bob Marley, and a few harder bands he may or may not want me to repeat. Basically a skate punk drummer with a lot of Count Basie CDs in his closet. I was drowning in Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits and lots of Bob Dylan with a healthy serving of the local folk scene. Annalise was very much (as she is now) on the indie-garage side of things and loved her some high distortion thrashing guitar goodness. We eventually found some common ground in our love of Pixies, The Velvet Underground and The Stooges (or maybe those were just my picks when I got to the stereo first during breaks). After Eric and I graduated from LEC and the Charlottesville branch of No Shame kicked the bucket, the band died out. Attempts were made to reanimate it, but with respect to geography and other life factors, it was clear at that point that we'd probably be more fulfilled working in our more natural genres. It was a far cry from a bitter breakup though.

NOTE: If you poke around the No Shame Script Library you'll find some of the songs we did and other things I wrote. The grammar and the spelling of some of them are... special... largely on account of:

A) Originally writing them at 2:00am or later.

B) Transcribing and submitting them at 2:00am or later.

C) Doing the above after getting home from performing them.

D) Microsoft Word and E-mail often go together like bear-baiting, German vodka and limbo music.


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