Sunday, February 12, 2006

Snow angel.

I've been a bit of a snow Scrooge lately. I had this big trip to DC that I'd planned about a month or so in advance to see a friend for her birthday (which was actually last week). I haven't seen her or DC (one of my favorite cities) for about 2 years, and the mental break felt much needed as the days counted down. (Is it just me or hasn't give or take the last five weeks been universally stressful as hell for people?) Then came the complications. It was actually originally scheduled for Saturday of last week, but then she realized that wouldn't work for her. Then it was for Super Bowl Sunday, but I found complications on my end. Also, somewhere in the mix there were some parental concerns about terrorist attacks to add to the fun.

So we were all set to go today... but then we both came down with nasty bugs...

...and then came the wretched snow.

Most people I find get all excited about snow. I'm a grounds keeper. That kills most joy for the white stuff pretty quickly. So instead of wondering the museums and talking about the last two years and our obsessions (her's ballet and mine songwriting) inbetween Gollum impersonations, I get stuck shoveling snow with a sore throat and a history test to prepare for tomorrow.

Incidentally, Nine Inch Nails has been in steady rotation in my room.

Anyway... I just got some snow joy visually injected into me by a picture of my sister's dog taken earlier today that's getting a bit of attention on the web. Leave it to a dog to show ya what it's all about.

I think I'm going to switch over to Arcade Fire and finish my homework now.


Blogger Tim McCormack said...

Wow, that's an insanely cool picture of Annie. I'm not surprised it got Boing Boing'd, in retrospect. Which is insanely cool in and of itself.

7:58 AM  

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