Saturday, March 11, 2006

ADD advice

So I came accross this blog entry and replied. After I was done I found it was pretty long and maybe worth sharing here as well. Just some tips for fellow people with ADD.

... hmmm...

If that link dosn't work here's what I wrote:


I've got a pretty bad ADD too. You might have me beat but then again you seem to be giving it a lot of attention. ;)

A lot of doctors suggest caffeine, which I have mixed feelings about. Caffeine tends to induce very ADD like symptoms in normal people and I find it can help as much as it can hurt with myself. I think there might really be something to it, but it's all a matter of getting the proportions right.

Omega 3 has become a popular solution since it's been shown that people with ADD (and various other ailments) tend to have Omega 3 fatty acid deficiencies. I've tried them and at a time thought they helped a little. However I never got on a good steady routine. Most pills come from fish oil, which is also good for cholesterol. The best sources in descending order are hemp, flax, and fish oil.

What I tend to find most effective is chamomile tea. I've heard of a tablet form, but with tea you get both the effect from breathing it and consuming it. The chemistry of people with ADD tends to be strange and at times the opposite of "normal people." For example, valerian leaves me wired. A few years ago I took some to help me get to sleep and by the time the sun had come up had written three songs. Chamomile knocks most people out. For people like me with ADD, it tends to make the brain function more streamline. I often drink it in place of coffee. It's like a good pair of earplugs, in that it doesn't muffle your hearing as much as filter out the ambient. Of all the things I've tried this and vigorous exorcize tend to work best. Also the occasional complete submission to ADD is often relieving. Take a break 3-minute break every 15 or so minutes when you can from projects. For some people multitasking is the blessing of ADD, the trick is getting any of the twelve things you try to do at the same time done.

The most effective way to collect your self and focus is to pay attention to your breathing. I know it's corny but whenever I turn off the cynic and do it, it actually works.

As for listening to people when they talk to you... when you've got it bad it is pretty hard. I often find after exorcize I'm pretty calm and receptive though.

Hope this helps.


"I've got a pretty bad ADD too."


So much for becoming an English teacher.


Blogger wp said...

I came by your blog by chance, well stopped and looked because it has something in common with mine: touque.

Brown hat / touque - you wear a brown hat and I wear a touque (only when it is cold).

I have enjoyed reading your ramblings and have added it to a small list of those I check in on periodically.



10:54 AM  
Blogger Cory Capron said...

Hey thanks! Glad you like the blog. Viva la headgear!

12:39 PM  
Blogger I LOVE YOU said...


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