Thursday, March 30, 2006

Bugger Off!

The below (now with somewhat less sand in the text if you follow) was written around 1:30 last night.

I was just about to get to sleep when this damn bobcat decided to go around the house screaming its head off. I got up and made sure all the cats were in. Sucker just wouldn't shut up though. I need sleep. I have lots of stuff due tomorrow or today or what ever you want to call it. So I'm sleepy pissed, which isn't the most intelligent form of pissed. I go outside with a modest whacking stick (I think it was the sign post from one of the past campaigns Amber and/or Waldo worked on. Anyway, I told it to bogger off and it did.

Then as I started to type the above the S.O.B. came back! I go back out and see that it's three yards from my dog which is sleeping like the dead. It's a BIG bobcat. We exchange words. I keep the flashlight in its eyes. It backs off. Buster (by dog) is still asleep. He's a good old watch dog like that.

Then while typing the above I hear a dog barking. I go to check it out , thinking Buster finally woke up and was picking a fight with a bobcat almost as big as him. But it's someone else's dog. Big sucker from the sound of it. Probably from the horse farm. They have their lights on. It chases the cat off our land. I think I can finally get some sleep. Buster sure is.

And what is up with all these owls tonight? Sounds like a 1930's horror movie in the woods. All we need is the chemical fog.

Alright, back to bed for me.

High Rotation:

Brian Wilson - Smile

Nine Inch Nails - The Downward Spiral

The Stooges - Fun House


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