Saturday, March 25, 2006

Modern Slang?

So I was over at reading and commenting on this, when I got to thinking...

How much new slang has there been since 1997?

Sure, Snoop Dog has practically invented his own laguage at this point, but much of that goes back to 93's Doggystyle and even more so in 96's Tha Doggfather.

Also various websites have inside jokes and catch phrases in their discussion boards. Ain't it Cool News and Metafilter come to mind.

I can think of a few selective ones, but as far as things people actually use on a day to day basis I'm running a little slim. Is it simply that online culture is so large now that to look for slang outside of it is to try and look outside of culture? I don't think it's gone that far yet. Everyone in America does not have a computer, and it's traditionally been the people that don't who come up with street slang. Still, I'd like to open it up for discussion if anyone is interested. What's some common slang that you use? Do you know where you got it from? What do you think about the whole web culture thing? Drop a comment or a link to your own blog entry on this.

We live in a society that's in war time. There are lots of political tensions. These are usually the times when art is most active and energized... thus... as people get to talking they usually start saying things that stick. What have you heard?


Anonymous sal said...

hahaha i just caught up on reading your blog and you said in one of your posts, 'it is really trying to snow'

that made my day. thanks. seeeeeeee yaaaaaaa. wouldnt wanna be yaaaaaaaa. wow, WE ARE BACK IN FIFTH GRADE YAY!

hope you had an awesome sunshine filled spectacular weekend, buddy.

4:48 PM  

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