Thursday, March 09, 2006

New songs and Devon playing Jammin Java tonight

Devon Sproule is playing the Jammin Java tonight! Here's the info from her.


Alright, folks,

Everyone said to play Jammin Java so I'm playing Jammin Java. Only thing is, I'm
playing Jammin Java TONIGHT! Yessir, that's tonight, Thursday, March 9, at the
Jammin Java in Vienna, VA. At 8:00pm, I'll be supporting the lovely Kaki King.

Here are the websites:


Kaki King:


Can't make it but would like to hear some music? I've just uploaded a couple new
songs to my myspace page. Just click to my website above and follow the link.

And here are another couple VA shows, if you're down in good old Virginia proper:

april 2 -- glen allen, va -- shady grove coffeehouse, w/ chuck brodsky, 6:30pm

april 7 -- charlottesville, va -- gravity lounge, w/ lauren hoffman & sarah white,
featuring spencer lathrop, drums, 8:00pm

april 13 -- harrisonburg, va -- the little grill, w/ matt curreri, 9:00pm

Hope to see y'all tonight. If you can think of a couple friends to forward this on
to, please do. I'd love to be able to return to the Jammin Java in the future. And
I cross-my-heart promise to give you more notice next time!

All the best, Y'all --

Thursday, March 9th - TONIGHT!
Devon Sproule supports Kaki King
227 E. Maple Ave, (703) 255 - 1566

April 2nd
Shady Grove Coffeehouse
Glen Allen, VA
w/ Chuck Brodsky

April 7th
Gravity Lounge
Charlottesville, VA
w/ Lauren Hoffman & Sarah White

April 13th
The Little Grill
Harrisonburg, VA
w/ Matt Curreri

more showdates, etc:


Ok unloading my inbox on my blogg is not going to become a regular thing, but seeing as this is pretty short notice, I thought it would be the best way to get the word out. Hope they have a good turn out.

The new songs over at her myspace account are great! Fishing for my tongue is one of Matt's songs and a nice little taste of what all the folks that didn't make it to the V-day show missed. 1340 Chesapeake is another great track off her upcoming album. The thing that really struck me listening to it is that it kind of sounds like a Tom Waits number. That's one thing I never thought I get from Devon. It just has that attention to objects that some of his songs from the early 80's had. I never noticed it hearing the song live before, but this studio instrumentation has this kind of Rain Dogs quality with the Ribotesque guitar. Very cool. Can't wait to hear the rest of the album!


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