Sunday, March 05, 2006

Spring break song factory

Well, I'm happy! Spring break at PVCC is here and I finally have some time to write songs without the guilt of unattended homework over my shoulder. One song's cooling, another is hot out of the oven and there are at least three more in various stages from batter to baking. Inspirational material seems to be hitting me from all directions. Between my personal life, friends, my Eastern Thinking class and that fantastic production of Hamlet at PVCC last Friday... I'm busting at the seams! And by that I mean I'm sitting quietly at the computer with this little thing on my face resembling a smile.

I'm really happy with my work right now. It's kind of funny. This is looking to be my 22nd songbook. I'm not sure I've ever written anything that cared so little about trying to appeal to some kind of demographic. These are looking to be some of the wordiest songs I've ever written. Stanzas have literally come together from opening up the dictionary, seeing a word, wondering what the hell it means, reading about it, and then falling in love with it. So in a sense a lot of this work is leaning on technology like Rhyme Zone, instead of just sitting back and working with my own vocabulary and jotting down whatever crazy thing flies by. I kind of like this way better. I'm learning as I go and I don't see any significant difference between this and the writers that bury their noses in history books to write ballads. It isn't easier by any means. I've still got to make things work in structures and find the right words to convey the right intent. I'm just trying to take in the full possibilities of the language. It's also keeping me green at this. A lot of the last thirty of so songs I've written have been some of the most melodic in structure that I've done in years. I have a feeling that will be a good thing if this new collaboration I'm trying to get together with Lucas works out. That guy plays too mean a guitar for mere three-chord compositions.

What I really find funny about all these songs I'm cranking out is that though I'm not putting any effort whatsoever towards making them commercial, a few of them sound kind of catchy to me. So they're kind of like pop songs with words like "imbue" and "constringency" in them. I'm sure that my rekindled interest in Shakespeare is not going to help matters any.

So yeah, I'm happy. Many friends that have seen me recently have been catching me at some lows lately. So I thought I'd give an update.


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