Sunday, March 12, 2006

Treehugger's Ball report

It was a blast.

Got to see Zap and Ernie and Martha and Eric and Liam and Casey and Ruth and Ashley and Lydia and Annalise and Brent ("Forest Defender!") and Stratton and, and, and...

I had this plan that I was going to comeback and pretend to be a hardcore Republican and rant about how this whole Virgil Goode fiasco is just a liberal conspiracy against Jesus... but I was too excited to keep a straight face. So many people I haven't seen in so long... it was great. There was a really good turn out. Perhaps one of the most successful LEC fundraisers in a long time.


Chocolate Buffet!

$6 for as much chocolate heaven as you can put on a plate (within some sort of crazy reason). I got a big plate thinking I was splitting it with some friends... nope. They left me hanging. So... much... chocolate... in my belly...


Haven't seen Zap McConnell in about a year. Told her to keep me posted with what she's up to with her art. Hopefully she will.


I've been meaning to sit down and talk with Liam for a while. Eric, Garth, him and me spent most of the time hanging outside in the courtyard talking about horror movies. Seems he's taken a big interest in makeup effects, possibly to the extent of a career. It also looks like we might finally see him do some serious solo work with music. Which is perhaps the best news of the night for me. No disrespect intended towards present or former bands, I mean as much as I love playing with him, I'm including myself in this. Liam has always had something great in him that needs to be fully realized: his blues. He's an amazing artist with the skill to play with the heavy weights but the patience to back up a friend on a simple folk ballad. I liked Bottleneck and haven't gotten a chance to hear his current band yet, but I'm sure they are great. I'm not knocking anyone here, but I really feel he's needed to do this for himself for a long time even if only for a little while. So I hope this happens. He's got my support in any way I can give it.


I'm holding his Phil Ochs CDs hostage. My demands are simple: Lunch on me, give me an update on life the universe and everything. Not too unreasonable in my opinion.


Talking with Annalise a while back she was in a pretty bad writers block and thinking of quitting. So I made a proposition: I write you a couple songs - lust lyrics - and you put the music to them. Well, she recorded one of them and put it on a CD with two of her own new songs. I'm not sure if my plan worked but I'm glad she's back at it and really liked her take on the song I wrote. It was fun trying to write something with someone else in mind whose style is different from my own. I hope to do more of this kind of thing down the road. Was really great having the members of Side Effects together in one room.

The Band!

The first band I wasn't around much for. They seemed pretty cool to me though. The second band rocked the house. I asked Ernie who they were and I think he said Third Party. Bunch of older guys, at least one was a LEC student's parent. That's pretty cool. Real funky mix of good grooves and flashes of Steve Earl rock. Someone said they sounded like a grooved out Dead Kennedys, which I thought was interesting. Anyway, great time. Good band for this kind of party.


Been a while since I've seen Eric. Good times. When it all died down we went to his car and listened to Buckethead's (new?) album where he makes his guitar talk followed my much needed introduction to DJ Shadow. I've heard of this guy for years from people and never gotten around to hearing his stuff. DAMN! Introducing DJ Shadow might be the first CD I run out and buy now... and with the backlog I've got... that's saying a lot.

So many more! But I'm getting tired and most of the rest are passing faces and personal conversations. So I think that's the bulk. If not than too bad because my fingers are tired and I've got to go get ready for my big history test tomorrow.

Adios spring break... you were pretty good to me.

(Pssst! Tim! How's that?)


Anonymous Tim McCormack said...

Man, I wish I'd been able to make it.

7:24 PM  
Blogger Cory Capron said...

Yeah Tim.

I wish you, Pitti and Emily and a lot of the gang could have been there. I was looking forward to doing the crazy russian dance with Chris B. but he didn't make it either. Oh well... there's always... the reunion...

9:35 PM  

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