Friday, April 28, 2006

Gee... ya think?

So um... maybe bringing a potted catnip plant into a house with 6 cats so that the frost wouldn't kill it (or whatever reason whoever did it did so) is NOT A VERY GOOD IDEA!!!


The semester is almost over.

5 more days.... 5... more... days....

Monday, April 24, 2006

Been a long two days.


Read book.

Went to see Wilco. We impressed Tweedy with are mad screaming skills (what did he expect? We had all just had a workshop on screaming from the Pixies a few months ago!). There was a five-year-old in the crowd and Jeff totally made it his night. He sang to the kid and checked in on him to make sure he was ok and didn't need to take a nap on the cabinet. It was one of the best shows I've ever been to. (Like everything else I'll cover this better after the semester is over and I have time.)

Stood on that damn concreate bank with old worn out boots for like three hours.

Got home.

Tended my grandma. Shaved my crazy beard for the kiddies.

Wrote book review into the wee hours of the day.

Slept a couple hours.


Got up and "finished" book review at 1600+ words and only about 500 more that I wanted to say but could not because of time and the fact that I think Pincus only wanted 1400.

What? I really had some issues with the book!

Even with Waldo sick as a dog (uh... a really sick dog with like an alien in its belly and stuff) Amber saved the day helping me with last minute editing. God am I going to owe her when this is all over with.

Went off to teach philosophy to the kiddies. Bumped into Spencer (figures it would be a day that I was wearing my old 206 shirt) and his little girl.

Played with 7-10 year olds for a couple hours. (Feet still killing me... still two hours sleep... chicken curry sandwich in my belly...)

Went to PVCC. Gave Pincus the paper. Told him I'd call him later about missing class tonight. talked with Hope and then Anna about my adventures. Got picked up by Amber heading home. Bought a quart of Green Goddess. Went home. Drank it. Watched Dallas (don't judge me) till I passed out.

Twitch... twitch...

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Cell Phone

There are a lot of things going on right now at PVCC that I'm expecting calls about. Plus, I'm sure some of my friends are wondering what corner of the planet I've vanished to. (It's the sharp very not child-safe corner called the last two weeks of the semester for those that aren't aware.)

Anyway. Was working on big book review today with cell by my side and I slipped off to sleep by accident. Found a few missed calls and I don't have ID. So anyone looking for me, I'm awake now and the phone is by me. Sorry for the slip up.

Like I said, e-mails the best way to reach me.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Late night luagh

So I took a break and had a luagh over at one of my favorite webcomics. Then followed a link to something that is going to make me smile for a very long time.

I could think of a hundred things to say about this... and thus, I'm left without words.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

looking for optimism

I've decided the best way to fight ghosts

is with ink.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Pic of Fletcher

People who have known me for awhile have heard tales of my sister's cat and good friend Fletcher. For those around college who know of him and his animal fighting (raccoon, dog and human to name a few) badassness but have not a face to put on his name. Waldo took a pretty good picture of him.

Fletch is a big sweetie... but don't tell him I said that.

Friday, April 14, 2006

I want to go to Mexico... tonight.

First off don't forget about Paul Curreri's CD release party at Gravity Lounge. April 15 at 8pm. Be there or be somewhere else that won't be as cool... unless it is... in which case I'll still not be interested in it.

So much is going on right now that I'm left a little defeated by it all. There are three to ten thousands words needed to cover all I'd like to post right now. My good friend and "other half of the brain" turned twenty. Sara White, Lauren Hoffman, Devon Sproule (brief appearance by husband Paul) and Spencer rocked my world and eased my troubled mind. An old friend from 7 Tigers was in the paper. She's now a world champion. I title she won fighting with ligaments torn so bad in her knee that it was basically hanging on by a thread! I may be on the verge of rogue journalism over this technology push at PVCC. Math has left me a battered sweaty mess. I spent three or four hours today trying to save a squirrel's life. I've lost my cell phone again. I need to mow some lawns tomorrow if the rain don't shut me down again. I finished writing that book of song lyrics I was working on. I brushed my dog and have more to do then I know what to do with. I need to clean my room... literally and metaphorically.

I only hope when this is all over I can explain what the heck all that meant in detail.

For all my friends who have a lot on there plates right now. My thoughts have been with you even when not my words. For all my friends who think I vanished off the face of the earth... yeah... I do that... (and I count my blessing for the friends that put up with it) but my thoughts have been with you too.

Phil Ochs is playing in the background.

Friday, April 07, 2006

School's not very schooled

Q: "So what have we learned today kids?"

A: "If you have a Swiss Army knife or a Chinese throwing star in your possesion at highschool.
Keep it hid. Don't turn it in."

"That's right! Extra soda for you!"


"But... teacher... what about Japanese throwing stars?"

"... No cookies for you!"

I know this is not the big issue at hand. But I really don't get why they call them Chinese throwing stars. I mean, besides the fact that no one really knows exactly where the Shuriken originated, wouldn't it be easyer to list them as something like, "throwing blades?" That way you could cover a lot more ground. I'm normally not for broad terms in regulations, but this seems a little silly to me.

Bee at the window

So I'm sitting here in Amber's old room at home. It's been turned into a guestroom and workspace for me to get through college without haunting Mom's home office. I'm reading up on stuff for my Spanish Class presentation (which for about 20 different reasons, I've decided is not going to be on the history and art of the katana) when I hear this buzzing behind me. It's a bumblebee banging its head against the window, trying to get outside and unable to understand what's in its way. I feel like that some days. So I fished out my Bokken to deal with the little guy. Then I decided to let it live. I picked it up with the tip of the wooden sword and flung it outside. Spring is here. I guess I can't leave the window open without a screen while I work anymore.

High Rotation:

Joe Strummer & the Mescaleros - Streetcore

Brian Wilson - Pet Sounds Live

Phil Ochs - Farewells & Fantasies (best of)

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Lot's of great stuff going on!

Wow... things are sneaking up on me!

Devon Sproule and Lauren Hoffman are playing this Friday and Paul's CD release party with his brother Matt Curreri and the rest of the family is on the 15th! Both at the Gravity Lounge. Can't wait. I told my friend Liam Gilchrist to come see Paul play electric. I think he'll really like it if he shows. Actually I'm hoping to see a few old friends at these shows. Whenever someone has told me we need to hang out. I've told them the only time in the future I know I'm going to be in town and off my feet were these two shows and the Wilco concert. So here's hoping!

Holy crap! Wilco's this mounth too! Got my ticket! Hope College ain't too crazy then. Probably will be. Still going!

This Saturday is community service day up at PVCC. That means from ten till one I get to play with the Somali kids. Which will be a blast! Nothing humbles me more with all my bellyaching about Spanish class than how quick some of these young refugees have grasped English. I even taught a boy how to play chess last time... after he moped the floor with me in checkers.

I've got to go see V for Vendetta with Sal and Anna at some point before we all go our ways from summer. And Eric and I have to see Silent Hill at the midnight showing if we can... I need my shot of twisted ghoulishness.

Somewhere in all this I need to slay a rabid foxote and get my homework done.

There more I think about it... the more the many personal reasons for not wanting to go back to the beach this summer fade away. I need sand... ponies... and damn good cannoli.

High Rotation:

Elvis Costello and the Attractions - Imperial Bedroom

Charles Mingus - The Clown

Nine Inch Nails - Broken

Aretha Franklin - Lady Soul

Tom Waits - Blue Valentine

Elvis Costello - North

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Keith at Gravity!

Ah... Keith Morris. Keith is a character. Hung out some with him at Gravity Lounge. Funny guy. I mistook him for a less than flattering brand of canned processed meat once in my e-mail. I think he still holds that against me.

I've been meaning to hear him perform for a while now. Not even sure what style he does. I mean, he's funny... so it could be like a Stratton Salidis sort of thing. But with Keith who knows. He might get up there and start covering Wu Tang on bagpipes for all I know. Whatever it is, I'm sure it's good. And I'd like to hear it.

So I get an e-mail from him last night about his show this Thursday.



Ehem... Pardon.

The last leg of collage has left me pretty booked. The only shows I'm going to I've known about at least a month in advance. I've had tickets to at least one of them for a while already. All that, and I'm not even sure I will be able to make it to those with all this wretched homework. I even had to turn down an invitation by two lovely friends of mine to go see a computer program elf guy throw knives and blow up England on the big screen. So it's not like I don't care Keith! I just can't make it this Thursday in particular.

Still, looks like a hell of a show. It starts at 8pm sharp at the Gravity Lounge. Here's the lineup he e-mailed out (complete with his comments) for anyone that can make it:

* * *

--spaceboy! this should be some fun, providing he remembers to show up.
it's his debut, uh huh...

--joe pollock: what can you say about joe that adam hasnt already cruelly
pointed out? he has really improved on guitar over the last year or so.
plus, he's learned to tie his shoes. no more velcro~! and he likes ice cream.

--megan huddleston: (go listen to
'lucky you' for a preview.)

--keith & jennifer morris w/all sortsa special guests: tim freilich on
mandolin, violin and legal counsel, erica olsen on singing (!), and maybe some
other folks. we're going to be doing some songs from the new cd, and tim's
rounding up a choir of illegal immigrants for the show. they'll either be really
good or get deported.


* * *

Sounds good to me! Love to hear how it goes.

That bobcat is NOT a bobcat...

So... I had two hours sleep the night before last thanks to my barking feline friend. The main concern for me has been that the more I talked to people about it, the less it seemed like a bobcat. It's too big and does not behave right at all. So yesterday after I got home I decided to do a little more scouting. I found its den across the creek on the lower end just off our land. It seems to be living in an old culvert. It's a very large fox. Abnormally large. It was not too tall or bulky, but from nose to tail it probably reached from my middle finger to my opposite shoulder. That would explain why it seemed so big in the dark and with its abnormally large ears and fox eyes, its head was bound to seem bigger than it really was when moving at the fringe of the floodlights.

So it's a fox... yay! I don't have to worry about my dog being eaten while I sleep!

But there still is the odd behavior like not flat out bolting when I ran all Braveheart style at it. So I decided I'd try to see it today since I don't go in till 4:00 something and don't have any reading or papers due right now.

I slept in, and get called downstairs by my dad. Finally someone saw it besides me. I'm not crazy! In fact... I'm modest. Dad's describing an animal too tall and too big to be a fox, with mange hair and a black and red pattern. The front half was red and the hind was black. It was standing in our backyard (near a tree I'd pissed on last night), so dad got a good look at it. I guess it's now back to the size I originally thought I saw! He called 911 to get the number for animal control or the game warden. Long story short, an animal control officer arrived. The fox wasn't around so he told us to shoot it and burry it. They decided it was a fox coyote cross breed. Apparently coyotes bang anything on four legs.

So... this brings up another problem. I saw an animal that appeared to be a fox yet was not like a normal fox. So did my dad, but they don't match. I guess there are two of these things now.... Great. The plot thickens.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Chomsky interview about his new book.

Noam Chomsky has a new book out called Failed States: The Abuse of Power and the Assault on Democracy. Democracy Now has part one of a two part interview with him descussing it.

Sunday, April 02, 2006


I have a feeling I'm going to be pretty scarce this week. So I thought I'd let friends know If I'm slow on e-mail replies or briefer that usual. I probably won't be hanging out as much up at PVCC when I normally do. We're on the last stretch of the semester. I'm going to hate not seeing everyone as much, but god I can't wait for it to be over. I want to go play outside!

Last night I printed out some files from my USB drive. Apparently I wrote three songs in the last 20 days. That's a neat trick. I really wasn't paying attention, and even forgot about one of them. Reminds me of being 17 and staying up all night and literally waking up to songs I didn't remember writing.

By next weekend the grass should be fit for mowing. That makes me happy. Grounds keeping is a job that tends to have a loose concept of hours. It will be nice to have structure again in that area of my life.

High Rotation:

Radiohead - Hail to the Thief

Elliot Smith - either/or

Bob Dylan - Bootleg Series Vol. 5: The Rolling Thunder Revue

Danny Schmidt - Make Right The Time

Elvis Costello - North

James Booker Jr. - Junco Partner