Monday, April 24, 2006

Been a long two days.


Read book.

Went to see Wilco. We impressed Tweedy with are mad screaming skills (what did he expect? We had all just had a workshop on screaming from the Pixies a few months ago!). There was a five-year-old in the crowd and Jeff totally made it his night. He sang to the kid and checked in on him to make sure he was ok and didn't need to take a nap on the cabinet. It was one of the best shows I've ever been to. (Like everything else I'll cover this better after the semester is over and I have time.)

Stood on that damn concreate bank with old worn out boots for like three hours.

Got home.

Tended my grandma. Shaved my crazy beard for the kiddies.

Wrote book review into the wee hours of the day.

Slept a couple hours.


Got up and "finished" book review at 1600+ words and only about 500 more that I wanted to say but could not because of time and the fact that I think Pincus only wanted 1400.

What? I really had some issues with the book!

Even with Waldo sick as a dog (uh... a really sick dog with like an alien in its belly and stuff) Amber saved the day helping me with last minute editing. God am I going to owe her when this is all over with.

Went off to teach philosophy to the kiddies. Bumped into Spencer (figures it would be a day that I was wearing my old 206 shirt) and his little girl.

Played with 7-10 year olds for a couple hours. (Feet still killing me... still two hours sleep... chicken curry sandwich in my belly...)

Went to PVCC. Gave Pincus the paper. Told him I'd call him later about missing class tonight. talked with Hope and then Anna about my adventures. Got picked up by Amber heading home. Bought a quart of Green Goddess. Went home. Drank it. Watched Dallas (don't judge me) till I passed out.

Twitch... twitch...


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