Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Keith at Gravity!

Ah... Keith Morris. Keith is a character. Hung out some with him at Gravity Lounge. Funny guy. I mistook him for a less than flattering brand of canned processed meat once in my e-mail. I think he still holds that against me.

I've been meaning to hear him perform for a while now. Not even sure what style he does. I mean, he's funny... so it could be like a Stratton Salidis sort of thing. But with Keith who knows. He might get up there and start covering Wu Tang on bagpipes for all I know. Whatever it is, I'm sure it's good. And I'd like to hear it.

So I get an e-mail from him last night about his show this Thursday.



Ehem... Pardon.

The last leg of collage has left me pretty booked. The only shows I'm going to I've known about at least a month in advance. I've had tickets to at least one of them for a while already. All that, and I'm not even sure I will be able to make it to those with all this wretched homework. I even had to turn down an invitation by two lovely friends of mine to go see a computer program elf guy throw knives and blow up England on the big screen. So it's not like I don't care Keith! I just can't make it this Thursday in particular.

Still, looks like a hell of a show. It starts at 8pm sharp at the Gravity Lounge. Here's the lineup he e-mailed out (complete with his comments) for anyone that can make it:

* * *

--spaceboy! this should be some fun, providing he remembers to show up.
it's his debut, uh huh...

--joe pollock: what can you say about joe that adam hasnt already cruelly
pointed out? he has really improved on guitar over the last year or so.
plus, he's learned to tie his shoes. no more velcro~! and he likes ice cream.

--megan huddleston: (go listen to
'lucky you' for a preview.)

--keith & jennifer morris w/all sortsa special guests: tim freilich on
mandolin, violin and legal counsel, erica olsen on singing (!), and maybe some
other folks. we're going to be doing some songs from the new cd, and tim's
rounding up a choir of illegal immigrants for the show. they'll either be really
good or get deported.


* * *

Sounds good to me! Love to hear how it goes.


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