Thursday, April 06, 2006

Lot's of great stuff going on!

Wow... things are sneaking up on me!

Devon Sproule and Lauren Hoffman are playing this Friday and Paul's CD release party with his brother Matt Curreri and the rest of the family is on the 15th! Both at the Gravity Lounge. Can't wait. I told my friend Liam Gilchrist to come see Paul play electric. I think he'll really like it if he shows. Actually I'm hoping to see a few old friends at these shows. Whenever someone has told me we need to hang out. I've told them the only time in the future I know I'm going to be in town and off my feet were these two shows and the Wilco concert. So here's hoping!

Holy crap! Wilco's this mounth too! Got my ticket! Hope College ain't too crazy then. Probably will be. Still going!

This Saturday is community service day up at PVCC. That means from ten till one I get to play with the Somali kids. Which will be a blast! Nothing humbles me more with all my bellyaching about Spanish class than how quick some of these young refugees have grasped English. I even taught a boy how to play chess last time... after he moped the floor with me in checkers.

I've got to go see V for Vendetta with Sal and Anna at some point before we all go our ways from summer. And Eric and I have to see Silent Hill at the midnight showing if we can... I need my shot of twisted ghoulishness.

Somewhere in all this I need to slay a rabid foxote and get my homework done.

There more I think about it... the more the many personal reasons for not wanting to go back to the beach this summer fade away. I need sand... ponies... and damn good cannoli.

High Rotation:

Elvis Costello and the Attractions - Imperial Bedroom

Charles Mingus - The Clown

Nine Inch Nails - Broken

Aretha Franklin - Lady Soul

Tom Waits - Blue Valentine

Elvis Costello - North


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