Wednesday, April 05, 2006

That bobcat is NOT a bobcat...

So... I had two hours sleep the night before last thanks to my barking feline friend. The main concern for me has been that the more I talked to people about it, the less it seemed like a bobcat. It's too big and does not behave right at all. So yesterday after I got home I decided to do a little more scouting. I found its den across the creek on the lower end just off our land. It seems to be living in an old culvert. It's a very large fox. Abnormally large. It was not too tall or bulky, but from nose to tail it probably reached from my middle finger to my opposite shoulder. That would explain why it seemed so big in the dark and with its abnormally large ears and fox eyes, its head was bound to seem bigger than it really was when moving at the fringe of the floodlights.

So it's a fox... yay! I don't have to worry about my dog being eaten while I sleep!

But there still is the odd behavior like not flat out bolting when I ran all Braveheart style at it. So I decided I'd try to see it today since I don't go in till 4:00 something and don't have any reading or papers due right now.

I slept in, and get called downstairs by my dad. Finally someone saw it besides me. I'm not crazy! In fact... I'm modest. Dad's describing an animal too tall and too big to be a fox, with mange hair and a black and red pattern. The front half was red and the hind was black. It was standing in our backyard (near a tree I'd pissed on last night), so dad got a good look at it. I guess it's now back to the size I originally thought I saw! He called 911 to get the number for animal control or the game warden. Long story short, an animal control officer arrived. The fox wasn't around so he told us to shoot it and burry it. They decided it was a fox coyote cross breed. Apparently coyotes bang anything on four legs.

So... this brings up another problem. I saw an animal that appeared to be a fox yet was not like a normal fox. So did my dad, but they don't match. I guess there are two of these things now.... Great. The plot thickens.


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