Friday, May 19, 2006

Good times... not really...

You know you're going to have a really good day when it starts with a headache, finding out Silent Hill is no longer in theaters, and while calling your friend to tell 'em they'll have to wait for already late birthday trip to the movies... your grandmother falls and the nurse says she has to leave early today.

And that's all before 10:00 after being up most of the night trying to do things I said I'd get done so I could go to the movies.

This is my happy face.

My grandmother is ok. She's having one of her bad days in regards to Alzheimer's, but no serious injury has been detected.

As for the lesser of the two, I'm really annoyed with the recent trend of zipping movies through the theater. White Chicks was in the theater longer than Silent Hill! Same thing happened when V for Vendetta, came out at a busy time for college students. When my friends and I found mutual time, it was gone! It's like they don't want people to see the movies! I know Silent Hill was not a popular release... but again... WHITE CHICKS! Remember when you would be walking around the Downtown Mall and see a movie up in Regal Cinema and think to yourself, "That's still playing?" When Jurrasic Park came out (which I admit was a much, much bigger deal) it felt like it was in the theaters for over a year. This really bums me out. The Neosamurai85 Show was going to do a big thing comparing Silent Hill to Mirror Mask and other films and look at the games and their roots. Now I've got to wait till it hits Jefferson.

Seriously though. I know in the past few years with college and life I've found less time for things like... wait... no... in the past three years I've probably been a more active moviegoer, and in general left my cave for non school related things, than I've ever been in my life! So it can't just be me. They're rushing films, and not just the bad ones. I get that theaters are having a hard time in the face of DVD and home entertainment systems becoming more affordable, but I swear they're simply not trying. I don't even need to get into the same old same old of sticky floors and annoying kids. But when you have a movie that's largest demographic is academically swamped and don't even give them a chance... I don't know. I'm in a bitchy mood.

I need coffee.


Blogger Reel Fanatic said...

Agreed that this is a very troubling trend, but not one that is going anywhere anytime soon ... Where I live, I have to see a movie in the first two weeks or risk missing it completely!

12:27 PM  

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