Thursday, May 18, 2006

LEC Family Reunion!

Howdy. Been a really sleepy day. Trying to clean up, fight off those mutant tea mugs lurking behind the monitor of the computer from finals. Can't think of much to add. Technically this is the second LEC family reunion. The first followed Sue's passing. There was a feeling that LEC needed to regroup and collect itself.

This is an interesting time for me because unless I'm mistaken this graduation will be the last of students I was affiliated with. From here on I'll be going to visit faculty. Still I have a feeling this party is going to really be a blast.

Here's Ernie's e-mail:


Hello, you darling ones! This is a shout out to all LECers past and
present, inviting you to the first annual LEC Family Reunion! We hope
that you will come. We also hope that you will help us spread the
word. In this technologically savvy age, we are happy to be able to
contact many of you by email. However, there are many more past LEC
students who we do not have emails (or even current phone numbers) for.
If you know of the contact information for any other past students,
would you please pass on this invitation and also send us their current
contact information? Also, if you are a parent receiving this
invitation, we are trying to contact your child through you. If you
could please forward this message on to them and also forward us their
current contact information, we would be very happy and thankful. Read
on for the party info, and we look forward to seeing you there...

You are cordially invited to join the family and friends
of The Living Education Center for Ecology and the Arts
Friday, June 2
In the first-ever
LEC Family Reunion
Celebrating everyone who's ever
Been a part of LEC!

Music provided by
students of LEC
past and present.

Please come and see
who we are now and from where we've come.
There will be dancing, revisiting
and the obligatory glitter.

Join us for Graduation Ceremonies
for the Class of 2006 at 6pm,
Our "End of the Year" Potluck at 6:30pm,
and Family Reunion Party from 7-11pm.

You know where to come:
Old Michie Building
609 East Market Street
Charlottesville, Virginia.



So yeah, if you know an LECer of old that probably doesn't know about this. Let'em! Would be pretty cool is we really did get people from all the generations.


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