Monday, June 05, 2006

Bush and Gay Marriage: Part 1

So I'm finally sitting down to update da blog, and I'm thinking about what a lovely weekend I just had with my girlfriend, going to my all generation high school reunion, and all types of wonderful lovely little things to write about...

...then comes up... and I see the news.

It's a really uncomfortable feeling when I find myself agreeing with AM radio talk show hosts. I think it's hard not to conclude that Bush is using the gay marriage issue to keep the public distracted from more serious issues in politics. Like with the abortion issue, any republican knows that (in theory) by prohibiting gay marriage, support can not only be mustered within their party but also from outside it where religious beliefs will converge. I find it funny how when many of these heated moralistic issues get fired up, people seem to act like it's some kind of new threat, like abortion or homosexuality has not existed in this country since its beginning.

I'm compelled to let myself be sucked into this debate though. Perhaps it is due to my lack of interest in general politics and profound interest in ethics and philosophy. Perhaps it's that unlike immigration or Iraq, I do feel like I can contribute something meaningful to this. More than anything, I think it is perhaps because as much as I believe Bush is doing this to keep the religious right from completely abandoning him in his declining (has he hit the decimals yet?) approval ratings... as much as I believe this issue is trivial in the face of so much that is happening right now, the outcome of this amendment cannot be ignored. This is not a state vote or a campaign platform. This is something that could have a very real impact on many peoples' lives. I have friends that are homosexuals, and there is something very disturbing to me about them not having the same rights with whomever they choose to love as I do and that they won't have the same rights to raise children as I have.

There are a few quotes in this article I'd like to comment on, however, they will have to wait till perhaps tomorrow evening. Looks like I've got to get up early again.

Hope friends are doing well. I'll try and crawl out of my cave soon.


Anonymous Anna said...

You know, when people really love each other, it's something beautiful.
I don't think the government should have any business meddling in the lives of individuals -- remind me why it should be involved in the way things are now, even?! . . . but I've prattled before.

The world annoys me. Our weekend rocked.

11:48 PM  

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