Sunday, June 25, 2006

Goodbye Agassi...

It's no big secret that I hate sports. Actually, that's not really true though. I'm not obsessed with sports, but I can set down and enjoy a good game when I'm in the mood. There are some sports though that I simply can't stand, others I get too disgusted by politics of. To me a sport should be fun. I'm not against competition, but I just can't get into this cult thing that some fans do. I can appreciate an athlete's dedication and hardships, but the college ra-ra-ra's and whatnot... Sorry. Don't mean to deflate anyone; it just doesn't do it for me.

That said, I do like some sports. I like to watch people play street ball. I like skateboarding and BMX tournaments like the X-Games. I like martial arts, though the competition and reward system bothered me even when I competed. You think soccer moms are scary? They ain't nothing compared to the bloodlust of a Tae Kwon Do mom:

TKD Mom: "Come on ______! RIP HIS GODDAMN HEAD OFF!"

Me: "Geez... the kid's only eight-years-old!"

Anyway. I do like some sports, and Tennis is one of them. Thanks to Agassi. I remember those games between him and Sampras back in the '90s. Whenever they got on a court together, Tennis had my interest. Then I saw the Venus sisters... that was some crazy shit. They might as well have been going at each other with battleaxes. Yet at the end they always hugged and stayed close it seemed.

But in all honesty, I neve got hooked. I'll sit down if a game is on and check it out, but I don't even know when the French open or any of the others are until I bump into them on TV. I'm not a sports enthusiast, but if it weren't for Agassi, I'd probably never have taken interest at all. In fact, I'd probably still be a big "I HATE sports" kinda guy. These days if nothing else has me engaged, I'll at least give most things a chance to suck me in. Heck, I've even watched a few football games now and then! (I can imagine a few people had to have lost some bets over that one.)

So thanks Andre, and good luck on your last game.


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