Monday, June 12, 2006


Kinda took today off. Nurse couldn't make it today for my grandmother, so plans of going to work and college and just about everything went out the window.

Have a few things to blog, but overall I've had a desire to just take a break. I find I'm spending a lot of time either watching movies (which are often depressing) or doing things online. I'm sick of sitting in front of screens.

I took a chunk of today and dragged out a few books. I need to read more books. For so long I thought I was going to be an English teacher, now I'm lucky if I make it though one in a year. In fairness, I am reading a lot more online, and Spanish wore my brain out while I was wading through the four semesters of it.

So I'm dusting off my Lovecraft so that I'll be brushed up once Tim gets around to reading him, and I'm looking at Moby Dick. My sister got my a nice copy of it back in '99. I think it's time I took it on.

A few pages in to Moby, I can see I made the right choice. My growing interest in linguistics makes the opening actually interesting to me. Many had warned me when I was younger that it was quite boring.

I'm also looking at my copy of Kerouac's The Subterraneans. I wanted to read it all over a weekend, but what the hell. I want to read it and I've held that book for a long time too.

I've also been very absent minded in reguards to my cell phone today and have found quite the stack of missed calls. Sadly I'm without caller ID.

Try to leave my cave more tomorrow... though sadly it will probably just be to go to work.


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