Thursday, June 08, 2006

Suncoast has set...

So I was shanghaied from work the day before yesterday to help my mom find a gift for a friend's birthday. (There's a lot of birthdays lately it seems.) This led to venture into Fashion Square Mall. I'm a far cry from a mall rat. (Yes I was practically born and raised on the Downtown Mall, but that doesn't count. Totally different cultures.) For years I've only had one reason to go to the mall: Suncoast Movies. I'd visit Walden Books and the nature stores and stuff, but the only place in the mall I've ever actually been a patron was Suncoast. For years they were the only notable place to by movies in town. You could get a decent selection at your Wal-Marts and what not, but if you wanted something crazy, like Audition: the director's cut, or The Stanley Kubrick DVD collection... Suncoast was the place to go. For years it was the only place in town with a notable selection of anime for those interested in that market. Not to mention tons of geek stuff like Warriors (before the recent popularity resurge) t-shirts and enough Evil Dead merchandise to make a months paycheck incinerate in your hands as if it were held with red hot tongs. It was a fun place to hang out at.

I hadn't been to the mall since Eric and I killed time there on his birthday a few months ago. Much had changed.

Suncoast apparently went "bankrupt" according to the assistant at the nearby entrance to the mall. It's gone.

Sam Goody has also left the mall. Currently there are no outlets to purchase movies or music in Fashion Square.

I now have absolutely no reason to enter the wretched place. Walden Books is nice, and might be the only place in town to get a few books on my list, but ultimately I'd rather shop downtown for books and yes... the evil Barns and Noble when I've no where else to turn do occasionally take my money, but more often than not I'll turn to buying an obscure book online.

That's probably what killed Suncoast in the end. Online buying, but Target and Best Buy can't deny the blood on their hands. Heck, Target even advertises it.

What concerns me most about all this is that these places will never have the selection that Suncoast had. Wal-Mart was selling One Missed Call to my shock recently, but will I be able to buy Kikujiro from them? You can still get some decent titles at Plan 9, but they tend to be $10 over price.

I guess the internet has just become a little bit more my place ground. So adios Suncoast. We had some good times.


Blogger Patrick A. Reed said...

Yo, Cory! I gots no email addy for you, so I'm responding in your bloggy comments.

Sonic Youth's follow-up to NYC Ghosts was "Murray Street", and it's in much the same vein. They followed THAT with "Sonic Nurse". The new one is three albums down the road from Ghosts, and it's f***in' revelatory.

Second, you should track down a copy of the new Jane Birkin record... It's called "Fictions", it features songs contributed by people as diverse as Rufus Wainwright and Kete Bush, Johnny Marr plays acoustic guitars all over it, and there's a couple select cover versions on it that I won't spoil for you by revealing the titles of. But trust me, it's awesome.

Third, I'll be in Chville July 7th to DJ a friend's art opening at Starr Hill. I'll be playing all off 45s, and it should be awesome. Drop by if you're around.

And shoot me an email, so I have your real address. Patrick at waldo net, natch.

2:30 PM  
Blogger Cory Capron said...

Thanks man. I just dropped ya an e-mail.

Take it easy.

12:10 AM  

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