Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Wasps and Sharks

Got into a nasty Yellowjacket nest today at work. I've counted three stings and multiple bites to my left leg. The suckers got in my shoe and started knowing away at my ankle, now my calf is rather swollen and sore.

The Benadryl has left me in a drowsy stupor all day. When not passed out asleep. I've mostly killed time playing Jaws Unleashed. I have the old Nentendo Jaws from the '80s, and couldn't resist when I heard about this new version. If you're not familiar with this new title, imagine Grand Theft Auto with a Shark... yeah... it's pretty sweet. Lots of bugs keep the game from being fantastic though. Still, a lot of fun if you're into smashing boats and chomping swimmers.

I've almost beaten it though and can't help but feel the gamer in me has really died. The hours I put into this just feel so utterly wasted and unfulfilling. With the new wave of systems, gaming is about to enter into some very exciting changes. And for the most part I couldn't care less. It's weird. Guess I'm getting old. Bump into teens down town and about... I mean I'm only a few weeks from twenty-one, but I can't help but be aware that I'm not one of them anymore. Not sure I'd really want to be. I just hope as I grow out of old thrills there are going to be new ones in there place, and not stupid stuff either.

Anyway... heads doing the drowsy thing. Back to Shark for me.

High Rotation:

Duke Ellington (with Mingus and Max Roach!) "Money Jungle"

Sonic Youth "Rather Ripped"


Anonymous Anna said...

Looked at the pics . . . sharkariffic.
Can't say what the replacement might become, thought for a cheap real-world thrill, there's nothing like a good storm (though I know you know this already).:)
Putting the teen-years behind is a wonderful thing (can't wait 'til I've broken through to the other side).
Get-well-deswellification wishes are sent in your direction!

12:05 AM  
Blogger Cory Capron said...

Yeah the swelling be fun. My left leg's almost twice the size of my right.

As for the teen thing. No worries. I ain't grown up by a long shot. I's just sorta a peg-legged downer yesterday. And the shark be beaten, so there's not likely to be too much more talking about that.


6:55 PM  
Anonymous Anna said...

Oh, I wasn't saying ANYTHING about growing up . . . just not being a "teen" (yerk).;)

12:27 PM  

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