Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Don't like the drugs...

So the last week was rather interesting. The meds they gave me for that big freaky insect bite had some pretty interesting effects on me. Benadryl knocks me out cold... but this stuff... this... Hydroxyzine HCL... 38 hours in just three days! 14 hours in a single day. To make things more interesting I'm normally not a dreamer or at least I don't normally recall my dreams afterwards. In this case however not only did I recall my dreams (at least three still reside in memory pretty clearly) but there was a continuation between them. They all were taking place in the same dreamscape. Even the ones I can't really recall I'm able to remember realizing this at the time with. It was pretty wild, but the craziest part of all was the length of dreamtime. I dosed off for an hour at one point and dreamed of being physically in the dream world for several months. Another time for few weeks. Overall: large bodies of time per dream. It was pretty wild.

In the meantime I was pretty useless in the real world. Constantly dizzy and unable to do much more than read. But did I ever read. Philip K. Dick's Ubik was devoured in three days between sleeping and in two sitting I was at chapter 15 of Clive Barker's second Abarat book: Days of Magic, Nights of War. Maybe to some people that isn't a lot (considering the material as well) but people that know me know that when it comes to books I'm a slow reader often never finishing them as I take on too many at the same time.

So eventually the freak swelling on my side stopped looking like Kuato from Total Recall, and I decided to stop taking the Meds. I probably should have stopped long before because those sound like some freaky ass side effects to be having. The waking up with my heart beating super fast in particular probably was a baddy. Oh well... I was too drugged to pay much attention.

As for the dreams themselves... let's not go there... the good times were pretty cool... but the bad parts would have made one hell of an anti-drug campaign. I never thought a hot air balloon could be so horrifying... ever...

So now I've got a week of work to catch up on. Fun, fun, fun...

Oh and before some dumbass runs out and tries to get high off this stuff... DON'T! I am not in any way encouraging the taking of this drug for any reason other than under a doctor's instructions. I'm not really encouraging it on that level even... because I'm explaining how it messed me up personally. But seriously... I had a hell of a time trying to get good over-the-counter medication last month when I had a nasty flu thanks to stupid kids getting high off them. That really pissed me off. Don't mess with my meds you crazy drugstore cowboy punks!


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