Thursday, July 20, 2006

Keith Morris has been busy

First off. My not updating for a couple weeks after turning twenty-one had in fact absolutely nothing to do with turning twenty-one. Internet has been crappy and my sleeping hours are so out of whack it's a wonder I haven't started making soup and starting fight clubs. I've been busy and just not in the mood when I've had the time.

Anyway, nuff sad sap jibber-jabber. Lets get down to business.

Keith's been busy since last I wrote to him. A while back Keith answered my question about his style of music. It's funny that I assumed he'd do something wacky just because he's a wacky guy. I seem to have forgotten that most of us nuts tend to write some pretty serious or at least personal songs when we're not having crazy conversations about seeing the world's biggest balls on the web (you know who you are).

So he sent me the demo to Billie Weirs Dress.

It's a great country song. Not the crap you hear on the radio! The kind of country I like to listen to. Great images through out.

I had a few nit-picks I was going write back to him about, but one thing after another seemed to hit me till I assumed it too late in the game to make the corrections. This album version seems to have addressed them though pretty well. Devon Sproule supplies back up vocals. It's very nice. Kind of song you really want to go out and hear live.

Wait... what's that? The album version?

Why yes. Looks like Keith has finished his album with Jeff Romano! They just awaiting for the artwork to finish getting artworked. But soon it will be!

He also got himself one of those myspace thingys! So you can hear the man!

Ok... I've got to confess. I got gut stung a few hours ago by a bee or something and the Benadryl is all up on me making me sleepy as a... sleepy person. So here's the e-mail Keith sent out to his peeps. Go check him out!

* * *

hey yall--

i'll try to keep this short. my cd, 'songs from candyapolis,' is mixed,
mastered, and soon to be released on city salvage records. all we gotta do is
let andy friedman complete the artwork and then send it off to the factory
girls. i'm torn between behaving like my parents taught me--stoic humility--and
what i'd really like to do: run naked through the streets with my genitals
bounding to & fro, bullhorning to the public that a significant message is
coming to mankind. in lieu of which, i'll just settle on the following: it
sounds freaking great and i'm thrilled with it. jeff romano and i worked on the
cd for around two years and he's the absolute best to work with. on top of
that, we brought in some of my favorite local musicians: morwenna lasko,
brandon collins, richelle claiborne, spencer/sandy/bud from the hogwaller ramblers,
paul curreri, devon sproule (who duets with me on 'billie weir's dress'),
erica olsen, davina jackson, john rimel...absolutely unreal, the talent, and i am
eternally grateful to them all. jeff plays everything from guitar to
harmonica to organ to sleighbells, and my wife jen pours honey over the whole
thing. if you dont like it, something's probably wrong with you.

danny schmidt says:
"The recipe for 'Candyapolis': One part Vic Chestnutt's drunk polaroids, one
part Daniel Johnston's magical dissociative innocence, and one part Nick
Drake heroine lullaby -- then throw in a dash of Sticky Fingers, and a tiny splash
of the deep gospel south. Bake for 45 minutes. Cooks down thick, spicy and
delicious. And feeds you
for weeks. I love this record."

check out 4 songs at our new myspace page:

gravity residency: to help launch this thing, bill baldwin has graciously
set up a pseudo-residency for me. over the next month, i'll be playing 4
shows, doing split bills with songwriters i'm drawn to. i'm waiting word back
from a few of them, but will let you know soon.

show dates at gravity:

JULY 26: JOE POLLOCK OPENS; MEGAN HUDDLESTON (hugely underappreciated...check
out her songs at; KEITH & JEN (with jeff romano)
8 pm

AUGUST 10: details tba


AUGUST 30: details tba

peace & lub to ye all--k


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