Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I'm voting no (surprise!)

Anyone that has read my blog knows my stance on the Marshall/Newman amendment. However, I thought I'd post my statement as to why I'm voting NO here as well as on Vivian's blog.

The Marshall/Newman amendment is bigotry at its most seductive. It is adorned in the rhetoric of good intentions, by those that would arrogantly make religion an imposing force and subsequently a petty institution for cynicism's dismissal of reverence. It diverts our attention from immediate issues of state for those that wish to disperse their political opposition through moral controversy.

In an attempt to shield this seductive bigotry from being exposed for what it is, it has been manifested in a form so vague that to try and fully grasp it is to reach out at vapor. In this fog of constitutionality there await consequences that will not discriminate as was intended, but challenge, without regard to the intentions and restraints (whatever they may truly be) of this amendment's authors, the liberties of relationships for all who are not bound as a husband's wife or a wife's husband.

Whatever could and would indeed emerge from this fog, there is at least one certainty. It would in fact introduce repression into what has been Virginia's fundamental document of liberties. I cannot in good conscience vote in favor of this, especially under circumstances so shameful to the state as these.

-Cory A. Capron


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