Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Keith and Jen at Gravity Lounge!

Ok boys and girls, tonight's the last of the four planned shows Keith and Jen Morris With Jeff Romano are playing at the Gravity Lounge. I finally met Jen at the second to last and she's great. They're funny couple on stage worth seeing.

I'd be there if I could but with family going in for surgery it's not really going to pan out, and I wouldn't feel right about it if it did. So somebody go in my place, ok? Bring a few friends if you got'em too! I'd like to see some more Keith, and a really good crowd vibe would help make that possible.

Here's the words from the man who is not Bigfoot:

* * *

hey folks--
it's the last of the 4 shows this wednesday and i'm quite happy to have
our buddies jay pun & morwenna lasko onboard. who knows? maybe morwenna
will even join us for a few songs. anyway, it's a split bill, we'll start at
8 and we'd love to see you there. personally, i think this little
residency has gone quite swell, and i want to thank all of you who have come out and
supported us. thanks to paul & joe for doing sound. and jeff romano for
playing so wunnerfully with us. and of course, thanks to bill baldwin as well for
his continued enthusiasm!
cheers... keith & jen

Check out ""

gravity lounge, wed aug 30, 8 pm


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