Monday, September 04, 2006

Goodbye Steve Irwin

I know a lot of people figured that Steve Irwin's luck would run out some day. I guess what makes it so shocking is how it really did happen.

I grew up watching The Discovery Channel before it became "The Chopper Channel." Before we had cable I spent most of the time (that I wasn't devouring movies and video games) playing by the creek, catching snakes and bugs, watching deer in the daytime and bats at night. I had pet spiders (literally thousands at one point) and would add crawfish and other cratures to my fishtank whenever I found them. I wanted to be a marine biologist when I grew up so that I could swim with sharks. I've evoked all kinds of reactions from my mom, knocking on the door with everything from five-foot blacksnakes and eight-inch slugs around my arms, to a flying squirrel on my shoulder. I was, am, and will always be an animal nut.

Like many, I've made no shortage of jokes about The Crocodile Hunter over the years, but also like many I really did think the guy was great. Before he came along it looked like all the wild life programs I grew up watching would be a thing of the past. Most natural habitats are not exactly getting any bigger and public attention, particularly with youths, was starting to dwendle so much, you'd think most animals were already extinct. Steve made wild life fun and interesting again. He enaged a whole new generation and risked his life nearly every moment doing it.

When watching the man talk... what else could you do but call him crazy or poke some other joke at him? How else can you approch some one that enthusiastic? It has to be fake, right? It must be a for the kids.

But anyone who has really watched enough of his programs knows, it wasn't. He really was that gung ho about animals and his and... well... EVERYTHING! He also had very serious moments as well. It wasn't like the man had a chemical inbalance. Anyone that ever saw the beached whale episode has seen him in a situation where he was powerless. He just didn't avoid things affecting him the way most people do; he didn't grow up into another dull orator about lions talking their pray. I guess someone just forgot to tell him you're not allowed to say "wow" after the age of twelve. He was a forty-four-year-old kid with an energy that seemed to come from another planet.

When a celebrity dies, people always say things like their hearts go out to the family. Maybe they mean it, or maybe it's all they can think to say. But I do find myself thinking a lot about his now. He and his wife were one of those great couples to watch on TV. You'd have to be a pretty bitter person not to smile at Steve's enthusiasim in interviews about being a father. It's pretty sad to think that was taken away from his kids.

44 is too damn young to die when you're doing so much to make the world a better place. Seems redundant to say he's going to be missed.


Anonymous sal said...

seriously, RIP Steve Irwin..

i got no words.

ps: yes i'm back. :) hope you've been well. i'll make a decent post on my blog one of these days..try to get on AIM one of these days and we can catch up!

take care,

3:56 PM  
Blogger Cory Capron said...

Good to have you back Sal. Sure do miss hanging out with you at PVCC.

Take care!

12:19 AM  

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