Monday, October 02, 2006

Dizzy thoughts from the beach

Got me a nice cold, so this is going to be in crazy rant format. Dial-up is the devil too so don't expect much from me till I'm back home and rested.

Been shooting a lot of 8-Ball. On one really unlucky game, I put only the 8-ball in the corner pocket on break! There were better games though. That was just the notable freak round... and the three that followed are not to be discussed since they were part of the bad luck. Good games were played.

The beach is right next to a pier, so forget swimming. Sharky waters those be.

A opossum actually came up to the screen door while I was watching Scarface. That should make somebody happy.

Started writeing a country song.

Paul is has an album on the way that will kick all of our asses I'm sure. Much good is happening in music right now.

Saw the news report on the Amish shooting. I love how everyone is pinning their own moral agenda on the dead. But I'll get into that later.

Can't get Shore Leave by Tom Waits out of my head. This trip would be a heck of a lot nicer if my girlfriend were here.

Good food. Good Sangria. Everyone getting along. It's actually so far been a really nice trip. Got a few things I'll have to blog about when I get home. Like energy drinks and amish and stuff.

Pretty tired now.

Take it easy.


Blogger Cory Capron said...

Health is doing a bit better... but you know you've had a nasty cold when you play a perfect game of 8-ball (pocketing only the 8-ball on the break) and think you lost.

6:33 PM  

hello cory!
i think i'm getting old because all i can think about is things that happened to me in the past and people i used to know. i thought about you a couple of times so i thought i'd drop you a line. glad to see you're not dead,and it doesn't look like you have any really bad diseases or you've been kidnapped by terrorists or anything. that's good to know, what have you been doing instead?

you remember that songwriting class that stratton had that one year? remember the crazy, fucked up "guest instructor" named slate hill phil (he plays banjo on the downtown mall, i'm sure you know who i'm talking about)? i've been spending a lot of time with him lately. i still don't have a car and i don't have a job or a house really and i've been partying way too much, more than i ever have ever, which is stupid. my skin looks kinda funny this morning, and i have this weird feeling in my blood like i'm in the process of really fucking my life up unless i make a few quick changes here and there. so maybe i'm just about to do that. but i've been happy, a lot of the time. i've been writing a lot of songs, but i'm still not a rock star. it's all good though. i'm lovin it mostly. how about you? i talked to ernie the other day and he said he'd talked to you the other day. he thought you seemed like you were doing well. he said you had plans to go to UVA? oh yeah?

hit me back, yo- go to my myspace and send me a little message or something. tell me a sensational story.

keep on keepin on, man and
rock n roll
yeah yeah

2:32 PM  
Blogger Cory Capron said...

Hey Annalise!

I think this post slipped past my radar or something. I'm swamped at the moment but I'll give ya a proper response soon.

Good hearing from ya!

6:05 PM  

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