Friday, October 20, 2006

PVCC lock down

I was planting bulbs near the bend going towards the Dickinson Building after Bio Lab when security drove by and told me to head back to the main building... that there was an armed and dangerous man on the loose in the area.

Back inside I heard a mix of fragments about what was going on. It wasn't chaotic though. There was no panicked cacophony or anything like that. People were calm. There was as much annoyance at not being able to go home after work as there was fear. Jokes were made and conversations continued. Security was more concerned with safety than explaining everything. As long as I didn't need to know something, that was fine by me. As people filled were filled in at the door and the telephone game played, I heard something about automatic weapons from one explanation and a car pulled over full of assault rifles from another, which made me nervous. There was something else about a shooting attempt in town. After last weeks downtown car jacking attempt (which I had also been about a block away from) this just seemed to unreal.

About 20 minutes later we were allowed to leave the building but instructed to go directly to our cars and not stop for anyone. Waiting on my ride, I hung out in the Math Center for a bit. Along the way I visited a professor in her office only to discover no one had told her about what was happening. Around 4:30 I was picked up. I was instructed to leave by the front (flag pole) entrance. It wasn't very clear if this was due to security thinking he might be near that side entrance area (perhaps the woods new the Old Dominion building?) since last I had heard they thought he was hiding in the woods around the hiking trail, which would be kind of ironic since it leads right to the prison.

Outside a student sat on the wall indifferent, waiting for his own ride if not the bus that I doubted was coming. A police vehicle (looked like what we used to call a "patty wagon" back in high school) sat at the across from the flag pole though I didn't see a driver. The helicopter flew over head as we reached the foot of the hill and left in time to see the NBC-29 van turn to go up to report.

The news just gave an update on the hunt for Elvis Shifflett.


Blogger Tim McCormack said...

Wow, so... that was the carjacking guy.

Aren't you glad that Brian, Eric, and I weren't there? :-P

8:59 PM  
Blogger Cory Capron said...

Yup that was the carjacking guy. Not carjacking, but trying to shoot his wife. Just put two and two together at the dinner table.

Glad? To a degree... yes... but god I miss you guys. So... only a little.

10:11 PM  
Blogger Cory Capron said...

Also aprantly not his wife so I hear now.

Hmmm... shot three times in the back... that's going to make this get a heck of a lot more interesting before it's all over.

11:29 PM  

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