Sunday, November 05, 2006

Republican Sea Change?

Vivian J. Paige has a good entry drawing from yesterday's Washington Post piece about Bob Marshall. It's pretty disturbing when you actually look at the man behind the Marshall-Newman amendment and his own personal agenda against gays. Spouting half-cocked scientific rhetoric one would expect form a early 20th century eugenisist, it's clear to see that Robert Marshall's agenda is to bring Virginia back to a time when women were subservient mothers. As he says:
"There is a natural order of things, a natural order where gay marriage is an impossibility," he said, books tucked under his arm and waving a hand for emphasis, like the disheveled college professor he often resembles. "For example, a woman's arm is constructed at a certain angle so that she can adequately cradle a baby. This is the way we're created. There are just certain things that nature intended."
He's dropped hints like this all along the way. He is a Social Conservative, something that in many respects (in politics) is the exact opposite of every thing that traditional Republican party ideals stand for. It used to be that Democrats pushed gun control and Tipper Gore that wanted to restrict free speech. Those that recall Ralph Nader's speeches in Charlottesville during his first run for president might also recall his desire to have Howard Stern taken off the air.

Now it is the Bob Marshall's that want to enter our homes and tell us who it is "natural" to have relations with. The Jim Cambloses that are after are second amendment rights. The Gorge Allens that are judging us by the content (and not the context) of our literature. Republicans like these and Virgil Goode (who according to his TV ads still supports ballot question #1 even after Deeds admitted it went too far) are pushing for bigger government, and they are not using the excuse of war time either. These are issues that are hitting at home. Homosexuals are not terrorists. (They would be dragged out into the street and shot under terrorist rule.) This is pure old fashion big government infringement on peoples' privet lives in the name of agendas that have no business in office.

If the republican party wants to keep the members that believe in its founding principals from joining the libertarian party or, *GASP!* even voting for democrats, they need to stop amendments to our Bill of Rights like this one and get rid of the charlatan republicans behind them.

* * *

This will be my last blog entry till after the elections. I'm swamped with home work as it is and simply can't give anymore time than I have. There was a lot more I wanted to cover, like what I think are the REAL threats to marriage in this country, but time is simply not on my side.

Here are links to past things I've written on this issue.

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(NOTE: I might update this with older links)

Please, vote "NO" to ballot question #1!


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