Sunday, November 26, 2006

Won't be blogging much for a bit.

Headed back to college tomorrow from break. Got a few things I'd like to blog about but over all when I have the time I haven't felt like it. I've been wanting to get back to fiction and polishing up things left unfinished from summer break. So, seeing as I'm also coming into the final stretch of the semester, I think it's safe to say this blog is only going to continue to be mostly inactive until after exams. I might write an entry or two before then, but overall it won't be as common as it has been. And I'll probably be even slower than normal with replies.

Now watch me go and not do a single thing I just said. That's usually what happens when I announce things after all.

By the way... Orphans is great, but perhaps a little pricy for those who are not hardcore Waits fans. I love it a hell of a lot, but I'm a hardcore Waits fan. Not trying to discourage people. It's probably the best new album out right now after all. Just saying if you have to really think about digging into your wallet for that forty to fifty plus bucks, you might want to hold out till the metal ain't red. I'll get around to reviewing the beast at some point. I want to take take it all in (and with anything over fifty tracks... that takes time) before I gush all over how happy I am that my favorite artist has a new album out.


Blogger The Dark Lady said...

mmmmmm . . . Waits . . . .

8:41 PM  

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