Saturday, February 03, 2007

Bob Marshall taints The Virginia Bill of Rights AGAIN with HB2797

I would like to go into more detail about HB2797 when I have more time. For now I feel compelled to address one major issue I have with it.

1. § 1. That life begins at the moment of fertilization and the right to enjoyment of life guaranteed by Article 1, § 1 of the Constitution of Virginia is vested in each born and preborn human being from the moment of fertilization.

In my eyes any government that forcibly deprives a woman that has been raped the right to take immediate measures to prevent pregnancy or abort an egg fertilized through rape, and thus forces that woman to bear the child against her will, is thus an accomplice to rape. As an infant develops I fully understand the ethical complexities of abortion even under such extreme circumstances as rape. However, at such an early stage as conception, I see no shades of gray to which the government should be concerned. This bill would not merely outlaw a date rape pill or some other controversial method to which there is still some question as to its safety. This bill would prohibit any attempt to terminate a forced pregnancy at the most earliest of stages. To make matters worse this is a constitutional amendment that would taint the first article of our bill of rights!

Don't be fooled by the moralistic language of this bill. The implications and overt consequences are simply unacceptable. Any legislator, regardless of their personal views towards abortion, that fails to see that is unfit to conceive of bills that can change our constitution.


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