Thursday, March 15, 2007

A Moment of Cynicism: Motivational Speakers

I've tried really had to let this go, to move on and not be the asshole.


I've failed.

Former professional wrestler, Diamond Dallas Page, visited my college yesterday to talk to students about... well....

He told us to, "live life @ 90%."

My girlfriend quickly got me out of the room before I could pull a Donnie Darko.

I'm sure his lecture probably was helpful on some level to somebody there. I did overhear a bit about him being ADD and dyslexic and what it was like trying to get through school before there were names for those disorders. So I've tried hard not to be an ass about it.

But what am I supposed to do with the other 10%?


Anonymous Marijean said...

I'm sorry you had to endure even a minute of that crap. I can't wait until this trend of "book" "writing" "motivational" speakers ends. It's OK if he's living at 90%; we're only paying attention at 1%.

Sorry, exceptionally cranky today.

5:48 PM  

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