Saturday, June 30, 2007

Does this mean we're done with the stupid color code?

(Ok, though late in some happy respects, the post is a tad cleaned up now.)

Following the attack on the terminal in Glasgow today, which authorities believe is linked to the two attempted car bombings on Friday, security alert in the U.K. has been elevated to "critical," their highest level

According to The Washington Post, the U.K. has good reason to expect another attack. With the Wimbledon tournament and the tribute to Princess Diana around the corner, terrorists will have ideal opportunities to cause serious atrocity. However, it appears we in the United States will not be seeing any raise in our own color-coded terrorist alert level.

In response, U.S. authorities announced they were increasing security at Washington area and other airports but left the national threat level unchanged.

But can't the same be said in the U.S. right now? The 4th of July is four days away after all. Wouldn't pulling off attacks on both of the two primary nations engaged in the Iraq War be a pretty significant show of power?

I'm not saying I'm convinced there's going to be any attempts here this 4th. I'm far from it, though that doesn't mean that I doubt all possibility that an attack could occur. I'm just surprised that we aren't raising the alert. Not necessarily unhappy, but still surprised. Having obscure colors fluctuating back and forth always seemed too counter productive if productive at all. They keep people on edge in such a way that strikes me as more to the terrorist's favor than our own. I get the impression that a lot of people are unhappy with it, I've yet to have a single conversation with anybody that actually had something really good to say about it. That it's better than nothing seems to be the strongest argument to pass my ears and that was back when it was just starting to be used.

So is their any significance to this call not to raise it? Has all the criticism finally sunk in? Is the color code fading out of use? What do you think?


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