Saturday, June 16, 2007

Mr. Wizard

I've always been a night person. My dad worked the late shift and my mom always was (and often still is) up at late hours in her at home office. I remember watching Johnny Carson, then Desert Storm. When we got cable I would stay up and watch MST3K, F Troop, things on Nick at Nite. Some nights, I'd stay up all night. It was usually when I'd watched horror movies on USA or TNT. Flipping through the channels, a sad little TV junkie. Beyond 2000 on the Discovery Channel, same episode they showed three or so hours ago. Here comes F Troop again.

The sun would rise in the background. And after a night of Chucky nightmares there he would be: Mr. Wizard. Bill Nigh had nothing on the Wiz. Mr. Wizard didn't need annoying theme songs. He just had a lab and some kids to educate. It was great. His voice would be the thing that finally made my surrender to sleep, dreaming no more about Puddies with forks for hands led by Fred Kruger, but of Einstine's face in a plaster mold, appearing to be a relief when it was actually reversed, a trick of the eye.

Rest in peace Mr. Wizard, and thanks for many a good day's sleep.

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