Wednesday, June 27, 2007

UVA scam

Haven't checked my e-mail in a day or two, so I just found this.

Dear Incoming U.Va. Student:

I am writing to alert you and your parents to an attempt this past weekend to
cheat one of your classmates out of $1500. A man impersonating an official from
the Student Financial Services Office of the University of Virginia called one
of our incoming first-year students and told him that he should provide a credit
card number so that the man could charge $1500 to the student's card for the
next deposit due at the University. Please do not provide your credit card number
to anyone who calls with any similar request for the University. All of our
bills are sent by mail and we do not receive payment by credit card.

If you receive this type of call, please call the police to report it and then
call our Student Financial Services at our toll-free number of 866 391-0063.

John A. Blackburn
Dean of Admission
University of Virginia

Well, that's pretty lame.


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