Saturday, July 07, 2007

Damn you Microsoft Word auto-spellcheck corrector... DAMN YOU!!!

I lean towards the fast side when typing. I'm sure plenty leave me in the dust, but still I try to crank things out quickly in comments while often doing more than one thing. As a result I get sloppy. So most of the time I make an effort to write things in a word processor then copy and past it. Gives me a chance to see my goof ups. Still have a lot of goof ups, but the efforts got to count for something.

Problem is, word processors like Microsoft Word kinda suck... hard. They like to help you where they probably shouldn't like when something stupid like "symantical" flies from mouth to fingers.

Add a telephone call at the right moment, the need to close files quickly, and what do you get?

And if feeling that Mad Hatter is intelligent enough to write a better post than this on such a serious matter, and being a symmetrical hardass to him for not, gets me in the asshole wagon as well, then I guess that’s where the cards lay.

Stupid Microsoft Word... making me runner up for "retard of the week."

I'm buying a Mac!


Anonymous TrvlnMn said...

I would recommend trying Open office ( by Sun Microsystems. It is a complete office suite that does everything that Microsoft office does, only it is free. And you can save your document in a format compatible with whatever word processor program will need to open it.

Give it a try.

11:34 PM  
Anonymous Anna said...


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Blogger I LOVE YOU said...


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