Friday, July 06, 2007

Dogtown Mario Bros!

Like many NES gamers, Super Mario Brothers is a timeless joy. I remember my delight the first time I jumped over a flag and how it quickly became dread as I found myself trapped in an infinite flat land until to clock ran out. Though I haven't played in years, a few other secrets like the short cut to the last world and how to get on top of a stage and run through it still dance around in the back of my head.

Most of these, however, are pretty new to me and damn sweet. I knew about standing on a pipe and not getting eaten and might have pulled a wall walk or a wall bounce once or twice by accident, But these two demonstration shots of are the NES equivalent of professional skater videos!

"Stomping enemies from below."

"Moustache stomp."

Frekken awsome!


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