Monday, July 09, 2007

For your juvenile amusement…

Was talking with my girlfriend last night after she got off work. She's in Williamsburg (job for the summer) and we were both using our cell phones, which seems to mean a lot of static and blip-outs in our case. The conversation turned to blogging and how she hadn't updated hers in months. She continued to talk about blogging, while the call teetered on the edge of being dropped. As a result, some words came out a little... wrong.

This has happened many times before. The most impressive was a few days ago when she said that she had a cold and had been curled up in bed with a bottle of vitamin-C, only on my end it sounded like she was curled up with a bottle of Jack Daniel's. How the hell vitamin-C becomes Jack Daniel's is beyond me, but the combination of her and my phones makes Aphex Twin's sound manipulation skills look like rave music.

Anyway, she was going on about blogging while I was trying to dispose of a seed tick I had found crawling on my leg. Only instead of blogs, on my end it sounded like she was talking about bras.
After we cleared up that she had in fact updated her bra in the past three months, I realized the potential of this little misunderstanding.

Bra Ethics!

Blog ethics have been a hot topic lately in the brasphere. One I gather some are getting quite tired of. It's not that I don't think they are a good thing to discuss, but for those weary/jaded few I offer this simple juvenile amusement: whenever you come across a post or heated debate about blogging, simply replace any use of blog, blogs or blogging, with the appropriate form of the word bra as you read it.

This seems like a good enough time to mention that I will not be able to make it to the Bra Conference Bras United. Sorry; other plans that week. Besides, pregnant or not, I'm not yet sure if I'd want some of you in my dreams.



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