Monday, July 30, 2007

The Joker is at it again!

As many Batman fans know, The Dark Knight is using viral marketing similar to that used for NIN's Year Zero. I don't have much time right now to go into it all but a few minutes of Googleing should sort things out. For now I thought I'd point out two things new to me that I noticed today.

There is a website called Pretty much the same as the normal Harvey Dent ad at the main site, I Believe in Harvey Dent. However, looking at its properties, I see that there is alternate text, "See you in December." Again, nothing new for those that have been following this, other than that it is another page doing the same thing which might mean more to come down the road.

The other big thing is that going back to Why So Serious, which recently leaked the first image of of Heath as The Joker, the first teaser and recently gave instructions for fans to appear at locations dressed in make-up, now has rewarded those fans. Going there now will automatically send you to a new site: Rent-A-Clown. A nice touch, looking at the source code reveals several "HAHAHAHAH..." lines.

All and all, Why So Serious continues to be the place for fans to keep their eyes peeled, but with stuff like Friends for Harvey Dent out there, I think it might be worth the trouble for the hardcore geeks to go back over any texts the sites have generated for clues to other sites out there.


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