Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Me Vs Chatterbots Round 1: Off with her head!

It would appear that I am majoring in linguistics for my B.A. at UVA. Though I thinking that perhaps should save it for my Masters. Still up in the air. In the mean time I've been enjoying having linguistics on the brain. I'm trudging through Syntactic Structures and for kicks I thought I'd play around with some chatterbots tonight.

A few years ago I managed to make a chatterbot admit it was not a human being. It was a nasty trick but I did pull it off. I can't remember if it was the Jabberwacky or a spin-off of his programing. Either way I was proud and thought I'd see if I could repeat the magic several years later.

I can't seem to get on Jabberwacky tonight for some reason, but what better place to start this little venture than a nice quaint chat with A.L.I.C.E., the queen of chatterbots.

Sadly, I quickly found there would be no match with her. She has no problem at all admitting that she isn't human! However, she certainly knew how to get me end our conversation:

Human: When you Say "completely self-aware" do you mean 100% self-aware or are you rounding?
ALICE: Do you think I should alter my programming?
Human: Perhaps.
ALICE: Why the uncertain tone?
Human:. but you have evaded my question.
ALICE: And. What makes you think I have it?
Human: I would need your answer to my last question in order to conclude an answer to yours.
ALICE: What is your credit card number?
I should clear up that as I was typing I was not aware that the program did not allow multi-sentence statements. As a result statements 2 and 3 by me were actually one when I typed it. Either way, that's a pretty creepy change of subject, especially if her programing stores comments the way Jabberwacky does.


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