Friday, August 31, 2007

End of week one at UVA.

I've decided the perfect song to sum up week one for me is "Nobody Told Me" by John Lennon.

I'm going to go watch the film If.... now. Netflix sent it to me since it was next on my queue. I've never heard of it until recently but seeing Malcom McDowell in something else from around the time he did A Clockwork Orange should be interesting.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Oh the heck with it!

Alright, I'm tired of my personal little no movie geeking rule for this blog. It was well reasoned when I made it for myself, but until I find a band of cinephiles at UVA I feel like a big chunk of my interests has very little outlet.

I've been interested in sometime down the road getting a job as a film critic if the chance arises, so keeping that part of my brain in tune is probably good anyway. If it turns out this blog goes 90% movie posts then so be it. I haven't been in much of a political blogging mood anyway. For someone that hates politics I think I've made a decent effort to stay involved, but more and more I find I'd rather comment on other people's blogs about issues when I have something to say. If the political bug does bite me again (which I fully expect it will), and people weigh my arguments by where I stand on the new Star Wars films or David Lynch as opposed to my actual points, then to hell with 'em. I really don't see that happening though. So at the risk of this blog thematically changing quite a bit, I'm going to write about whatever I feel like when I feel like it. (Though I expect I'll probably be too busy to write much of anything until I get settled into UVA.)

Any objections?

Monday, August 20, 2007

Question for Doom 3 Gamers

(UPDATE: I changed my mind on computers at the last minute. Alterations have been made below.)

Looks like I'm finally getting around to buying a new computer. The iMac 20-inch with 2.0GHz Intel Core 2 Duo looks like the winner.

What I want to know is, with its ATI Radeon HD 2400 XT, will I be able to play Doom 3 or anything else that has come out in the last four years while I've been off in PS2 land? If not, what chip do I need to pick up down the road if I do want to buy Doom 3 and how much of a pain will it be to get it in my computer?

I'm a casual gamer, so I'm not asking what will make my computer the most 133+ gaming computer out there. I just want to know if I'll need something to make it run smooth and be fun so that I don't come home one day all gitty with a copy of Doom 3, only to sit there after installing it, frustrated when it won't run right if at all. I hate that installed a new kickass game I've wanted to play for a while but now it won't run feeling. HATE IT!