Friday, August 24, 2007

Oh the heck with it!

Alright, I'm tired of my personal little no movie geeking rule for this blog. It was well reasoned when I made it for myself, but until I find a band of cinephiles at UVA I feel like a big chunk of my interests has very little outlet.

I've been interested in sometime down the road getting a job as a film critic if the chance arises, so keeping that part of my brain in tune is probably good anyway. If it turns out this blog goes 90% movie posts then so be it. I haven't been in much of a political blogging mood anyway. For someone that hates politics I think I've made a decent effort to stay involved, but more and more I find I'd rather comment on other people's blogs about issues when I have something to say. If the political bug does bite me again (which I fully expect it will), and people weigh my arguments by where I stand on the new Star Wars films or David Lynch as opposed to my actual points, then to hell with 'em. I really don't see that happening though. So at the risk of this blog thematically changing quite a bit, I'm going to write about whatever I feel like when I feel like it. (Though I expect I'll probably be too busy to write much of anything until I get settled into UVA.)

Any objections?


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