Saturday, September 08, 2007

End of Week Two at UVA

Never finished watching If....

Maybe somewhere down the road I'll come back to it and dig it... or hate it. I was just too tired too tell if I was watching arthouse b.s. or a quality experimental film. Perhaps I should of said experimental b.s. and quality arthouse? (There's probably a good blog entry to be made from that question.) The last two week have allowed me to apreciate the joe that just wants to watch something blow up. Yesterday I rented Raiders of the Lost Arc and watched it over a bottle of IPA Ruination. Jackson was right, that stuff is pretty good.

My best advice to anyone looking to transfer to UVA in for their third year is to know EXACTLY what you want to major in. Third years really don't get a chance to explore.

At the time being I really don't think I want to go the linguistics rout. I might keep it as a minor, but I think it would really limit my options of places I could get a job teaching at in the area. Furthermore, I'm not sure I could teach it as well or with the enthusiasim that I could teach liturature or media studies. Ah... media studies.... That's my current battle gournd for a major. Though it isn't a cake walk if you haven't filled out a form by March 15th, which I didn't.

Otherwise things are going pretty nice. The walking is helping me lose the summer's reclusive writer/geek fat. Classes are good. about 200 pages a week to read. I get along with my professors. The cafateria has sushi. Work on weekends. Good times.

Still working on the social life bit though, and to a lesser extent the blogging life. (Sorry, got to prioritize.)

Hmm... Blogger's spellcheck isn't working. I'll have do sometihng about that... maybe later.

Pleasure Reading:
"American Gods" by Neil Gaiman

High Rotation:
I'm ripping a lot of my cds this weekend so I'm shuffling Rolling Stones, Nine Inch Nails and some of this and that.

Catching up on my reading for my Slavic Folklore class.
Preparing for Structure of English (linguistics) quizz for next week.