Friday, March 21, 2008

Wandering observations in UVA Book Store.

Had some time to kill today after class and found myself wandering around in UVA's bookstore. It was interesting to be there without the rushing and crowds, trying to get books for the coming semester. I probably would have noticed other interesting things, but I haven't had coffee in three days and am writing a long paper on torture in cinema. My brain was tuned to the weird. They didn't have a chance.

Observation 1. 
They have Black Hole by Charles Burns for $17-something. Sweet! I don't read comics (other than online) but if I did I'd probably be eating stuff like this and Sandman up. Next time I have 18 bucks to burn I might have to get it. David Fincher is going to direct the film version adapted by Gaiman and Arvary, and flipping through a few pages of the comic, I couldn't be happier. I think Fincher is really on a rebound right now (Zodiac may become my favorite thing by him) and this could be his next Fight Club. I just hope he goes all the way with its extremes. It would probably land him an NC-17 rating, but who cares? With the stuff that passes in for R these days and how A-OK it is to do ANYTHING in Unrated (including absolutely nothing) I find it ridiculous for people to still get up at arms about NC-17 rated films about peoples special bits. Hostel: Part 2 showed special bits... being cut off with gardening shears and fed to a hound, but that's okay, cause they were being cut off and fed to hounds. If there is one thing I've learned in the last few years from this fine state I love so very much, it is that people love the penis, just as long as it is not inside a woman. Penis in woman = bad. Penis in anything else... no problem! Wouldn't want the youth of America getting the wrong idea.

Oh wait....

Side note: I should blog about Lust Caution, but not now.

Observation 2. 
Geeks should not act elitist or otherwise snobbish while they have runny noses. It's just... no... don't do that. I'm not saying the kid was... I'm just saying.

Observation 3.
The bookstore also has Our Friends from Frolix 8 by Philip K. Dick. Maybe I've just been away from new books too long, but the text for this seems really saturated. No, wait, I have plenty of brand new books. The font for this looks like every thing is bold. Did they use too much ink? Odd.

Observation 4.
Wandering into the clothing section of the book store (doesn't make sense to me either), I came across a strange discovery. UVA sells UVA thong underwear. Now, I'm a mature 22-year-old member of society (Hey! I heard that!) and I understand that thong under is commonly worn by women as a preference and not just to appeal to men for the sexy time. Hear me out. There is just something phenomenally wrong with placing the UVA V and crossed swords on a woman's crotch. It's almost as bad as naming a condom brand TROJANS. Maybe it was just Observation 1 still lingering in my head, but the image just screamed castration by scissor swords. Wah-hoo-wah INDEED!

Afterthought: Teeth 2 should totally be filmed on our campus.


OpenID phyzome said...

Thongs are a horrible idea just on their own. Let's call them by their proper name: Butt-floss.

9:30 PM  
Blogger Cory Capron said...

Yeah. Butt-floss will never make sense to me. A lot of things people do will never make sense to me though. Live and let floss, I guess.

1:28 AM  

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