Thursday, March 26, 2009

Something Like a Day in the Life

So... what do I do instead of blogging like I used to? The last 24 hours is an interesting example if a little exceptional at parts.

Last night.

After an abnormal amount of blanking out due to stomach trouble, sleep deprivation and the dangerous discovery that Eddie Izzard shows can be viewed on Youtube, I got down to business working on homework. Wrote a couple Emails to Anna about visiting. Than proceeded to contemplate catching up on Antony and Cleopatra or getting an early start on final paper for World film. Then I got a Chris Isaac meets Joy Division-esque melody in my head for a song about Othello, decided to play on the Italy aspect and googled fascist bodies. Listened to Wilco and read the better part of a pretty good essay, by Petra Rau called "The fascist Body Beautiful and the Imperial Crisis in 1930s British Writing" which didn't really have much to do at all with what I was thinking of. Called it a night, went to bed and read Akira Kurosawa's autobiography until three in the morning. Then thought about what aspects of politics to have two characters debate in the novel I'm trying to write, and how to get the main character inside to convey exposition more naturally through conversation than just thinking about it all but then back outside, because he has to start outside so the nice opening line will work. I fell asleep, forgetting any answers I might have come to.

Woke up at 7:50. Got on campus around 9:00-ish. Wrote a long letter to Anna about the experience of reading Kurosawa's life, one of if not the artist that made me fall in-love with higher art film.

Stomping around in the cold.

Went to class. Chatted with friend about presentation. Had someone mistake me for James Naremore (a rather flattering error to a cinephile like myself) due to a my friend telling her other friend that it was my book.

Afternoon: Stomping around in the rain.

Tucked myself away in the piano room of Newcomb, had lunch, and re-read the section on Momism in A Generation of Vipers by Philip Wylie, confirming my interpretation of it before summarizing it in the 2:00PM presentation on Psycho and Touch of Evil I was to do. One thing that stood out to me on this reading was his fears of the evil mothers seemed to be in part a commentary on how society had positioned women to an idle state and that this was where the trouble with momism seemed to be originating. So, in a horribly misogynistic, turned-on-its-heard sort of way, it was actually similar to the argument 19th century feminist thinkers like Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Charlotte Perkins Gilman were arguing for why women should have equal rights.

I then moved on to read a short article by Laura Mulvey on Iranian Cinema for the World cinema class. Fun stuff.

Stomping around in the rain.

Walked over to the music library in old Cabell Hall, I had left one of my note books at home, sot I did some surfing and jotted down a few last minute details for the presentation. Ed Gein, Philip Wylie, few cast members from Touch of Evil. Fun stuff.

Stomping around in the rain.

Got to class, talked with presentation partner. Everything sounds good. Everything looks good. Then it wasn't.

Touch of Evil wasn't in my bag. It was either stolen or left at home.

I was on the bottom floor of New Caball. There was a reserved copy at Clemons. 5mins until class started.


Got to Clemons, got the reserve copy.


Christ I'm out of shape. I've spent most of this damn semester either reading or watching movies for classes, and it's caught up with me. One of the many things I look forward to after graduation: zee gym.

Got back. Presentation partner was on top of things. I did my bits, talking about the context of Norman Bates and his best friend, explaining how people like Philip Wylie responded to the change in dynamics in women's roles in society after WWII and the subsequent Red Scare with his concept of momism, linking anxieties together from both to create an image of mothers as emasculating over controlling monsters that made their boys dependent underdeveloped weaklings. An idea that would be explored in such films as White Heat, The Manchurian Candidate, and even Them!. With this background, I offered an interpretation of Psycho (WARNING: SPOILER) as a film that subverts this model by making the monster of Momism
something that is simply in Norman's head.


More presentation stuff ensued.

Dashed off to World Cinema, happy that the reading for it had been so light for a change. The rest of the day was largely uneventful. Finished classes. Had dinner with parents at China King. Bumped into a former Math Teacher and chatted a bit. Got home and IMed Anna, then went to work cleaning room. Dishes, laundry. Looking over homework. Found Touch of Evil under a pile of books on Japanese film on my bed.

And then I wrote this.

I really need to stop getting only four hours sleep. I'm starting to get used to it. Still, pardon my disregard for proofreading prior to posting. (It's not like I was that great at it before!)

Monday, March 16, 2009

The blog will return! (seriously)

Yeah, I know. I've said that before. I really think I mean it this time though. What it will be is hard to say. I want to write about education, about film now that I have a more rounded education in the field (about 18 credits of pure film study and another 9 in media and independent study), share some revised versions of essays I've written at UVA, talk philosophy, reconstruct random stuff, analyze aspects of media and maybe culture, whine about the novel I've been trying to write forever, tell a joke now and then, maybe post pictures for a change and, well, I don't know! Writing on this blog got me a little bit of attention that got me involved with some really cool stuff in the past. I'm still doing some job hunting, so maybe taking this in one direction or another might help with word of mouth.

As graduation approaches and I look at a year of largely finding out what I want to do with my life, I can't help but feel that I'll have something to say here. So, yeah. In one form or another, I SHALL RETURN!