Friday, July 03, 2009

After Thought About Micheal Jackson's Death

You know who I feel really bad for? Macaulay Culkin. I'm dead serious. Child actors have a way of getting skewed up pretty badly, but if there is one kid I think deserved a few heavy narcotics in his system, it was the kid from the Black or White music video.

I was largely persuaded by the "Take Two" or "Rebuttal" video to Martin Bashir's special, Living with Michael Jackson, that it is very possible that Jackson is not a pedophile. Crazy? Oh god yes. Still, that special was fairly convincing that a sound byte free Jackson was much more rational than I'd have ever wagered. Nonetheless, let's say he did molest those children. Let's go so far as to take even the joke seriously and say he molested Culkin as well. If that were true, how utterly horrible for him, not only to be a victim, but to be surrounded in media making fun of the fact that he was raped.

Think about it, what are the two things Culkin is most known for? Home Alone first and foremost, obviously, but how many people can honestly say #2 for them is The Pagemaster, Richie Rich, or even The Good Son? The reality is that for most people he is the butt (pardon the tasteless pun) of a rape joke, that few of us can saw we aren't guilty of laughing at or even making a variation of at one point or another. He's that kid Jackson slept with. No, not the one with cancer! The one from Home Alone!

Keep in mind that when the first allegations of Jackson molesting a child were made, Culkin was 13. Yeah, of I'd get into narcotics too.

Even though he's not really a rape victim in the least likelihood, I can't help but imagine how much it would get to me after awhile. Culkin: the raped kid. And just as he's starting to inch his way back into acting... Jackson dies, and despite how much that rebuttal video showed how distorted the media image of Jackson really was (guilty or not), the media can resist dredging up the molestation charges again.

If Jackson was innocent, then as sad as it is, at least he doesn't have to deal with the blitz anymore. Culkin on the other hand, is a big target for some pot shots, and god that's got to suck.


Blogger Edward Azad said...

I'm not so sure about this. Culkin has distanced himself totally from the MJ affair. None of the networks have mentioned him as of yet (possibly because he's still technically famous, and drudging up old hearsay could prove slanderous?)

About the most media-grabbing thing Culkin ever did -- aside from the legal case -- was emancipate himself and get married. Fairly benign for a child actor.

10:26 PM  
Blogger Cory Capron said...

In truth, I suspect he probably will go under the radar. I've paid very very little attention to the coverage. It's more the topic that has come up again and again for me over the years when talking about MJ or seeing a sketch. This strange reality that as much as people justify the sensationalism as punishment for the crime, it's the victim that often suffers the most from never getting to let the past go. Same thing happened with Roman Polanski.

As for media-grabbing, Culkin's been busted once or twice for possession. Notably right after Saved! when people were speculating a big comeback. He's not Robery Downy drug-tastic I'll grant you, but he's certainly had some growing pains getting into adult acting.

1:42 AM  
Blogger Cory Capron said...

Actually, I think it was only once.

The confusion of two or more cases was probably due to hearing fragments about his verdict a year later.,,1070135,00.html

1:51 AM  
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