Monday, July 27, 2009


I honestly have no sense of who does or doesn't read this blog, but if there are people outside of a tight circle of friends (and in many cases even among that circle) who are suspecting that the blog is going back into hibernation as it did for well over a year, I just wanted to reassure you it isn't. Well, at least that's not the plan. I have outlines for four lengthy posts to appear sometime in the future, two of which are in unfinished draft form. Of these, one came very close to being a finished piece... before I lost all the links I was using due to a brief power outage. Fun, fun. Anyway, my point is simply that I do intend to continue the blog.

So what have I been doing instead?

Several things. Some family/life/work stuff, job hunting, and -- perhaps most distracting -- I've been writing a play. I've finished a first draft and am doing rewrites right now, but more on that in the future. I've just been busy, but the blog has not been forgotten. So thanks for reading, and if I find I'm not back here cranking something out soon(ish), I'll at least try to give another update before nearly three weeks pass.


OpenID phyzome said...

Hah, yeah, I've got 144 entries in my drafts folder. o.0

2:16 PM  

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