Tuesday, August 11, 2009

So what has been up?

Caution: some of this is not for easily queasy. I'm doing perfectly fine now, so no worries.

Early on in the week before last I was bitten by something and it got fairly infected. My doctor diagnosed it as a Brown Recluse bite. I disputed this some but he assured me he had treated several in his career, pulled out books, shown me Recluse spider bites and that was that. The reason I disputed this was that I've always understood that Brown Recluses do not live in this region. What most people confuse Brown Recluses for are actually Hobo Spiders, which do live in this area and are disputed to have similar side effects when they bite you. For those in the dark about what these side effects are, basically horrible tissue damage of the variety where a fists worth of flesh can die off. So, Hobo, Recluse... the point is something bit me and tissue started dying until there was a very nasty hole in my leg about the circumference of a quarter and the depth of four quarters stacked. More precisely this depth was filled with black and green dead tissue which hardened over, preventing healing and getting worse as the larger dark ring around it and the mild inflammation both indicated. The hole came later when said dead tissue come off - or out (deep breaths and in the words of my bio professor, "wiggle your toes"). But that's ok, alternatives were I might have had a bad staph infection or full on MRSA. The idea of a bad spider bite that often does much worse than what it was doing to me sounded better than that. Blood work was done and I came out clean. Swabbing the wound also produced no cultures. So all roads point to bad spider bite. I was medicated. The doctor told me it would take about a month to get all the dead tissue out using wet to dry compresses. Anna spent the weekend with me letting me stay off my leg and feeding me awesome mushroom soup while we watched cooking shows. about 95% of the tissue (i.e., the aforementioned chunk of green-black dead flesh) came off in the shower on the Sunday morning. The rest of the dead has come off since then and it is healing up nicely. It now looks like I just slid hard for home base and found a sharp rock along the way.

Along with that, I was recovering from insomnia--which means I was also trying to quit caffeine, and I had the worst pinched nerve (I have a reoccurring neck problem) that I've had in years, which felt like the equivalent of having four root canals without Novocaine. I was later on busy helping Anna hunt for apartments (mostly this weekend), and while all this was swirling around I also had a temp job at Ivy Publications this last week. I hope they don't think I was a drug addict or anything terrible.

So it was in fact an exceptionally hectic couple of weeks and I'm looking at the unfinished projects for this blog and trying to figure out where I was going with them, which has been the furthest thing from my mind. I'd like to get back to all those things I mentioned I had in progress but they'll probably be later on when they are back on my mind. For now expect more film reviews/commentary when I get around to it.

Also, I got nowhere since I last mentioned it with that play I'm working on. That's still a priority to me, so entries may continue to be slow. However, I'm hoping that since whenever I say I'm going to write something I don't, that by saying I won't write much on this blog I will actually manage to get something done for it. That's the plan anyway.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Yep, still busy.

The time between my last post and this one has been extra special crazy. I'll get into it more as soon as I can.