Saturday, September 05, 2009

Excuses, excuses...

While it's true that I lost half a day to a saddleback caterpillar sting that made my right arm mostly useless, that this occurred shortly after recovering from a stomach virus that snagged me on the mend from the afore mentioned spider bite, and have had some run ins with my good old friend, the chronic pinched nerve in my neck... the last week's silence cannot be excused so much by this crazy barrage of mishaps (seriously, this has got to go down as the oddest summer of injuries, easily one upping that one where I discovered I'm dangerously allergic to bees and started tripping on the medication) nor by my continued hunt for a job or editing my play or anything else like that.

I mean, yes, I'm hunting for a job and I'm working on a forth draft of my play while researching for what might be my next one (set in late 17th century London) depending on which of three ideas take fullest shape first, and those things do take up a bit of my free time, but that's not the real thing that's kept me off the blogs and facebooks and even a little slow on email.


I discovered Doctor Who.

And I LOVE IT with the kind of passion that people often form anonymous groups to help you get over.

So yeah.


I'm so sorry.

Edit: Oh yeah, I left out the bit about my allergy to metal deciding to all of a sudden react to the strip of metal on the earpiece of my cell phone. That was a real bitch. But yeah, still all Doctor Who's fault. The Ninth and Tenth Doctor's in particular but sadly not exclusively.