Sunday, October 04, 2009

October 2009 Horror Movie Reccomendations (Ask Away!)

It's that time of year again. That time when very large smiles grow on the faces of horror movie geeks like myself. It's the month of Halloween and the #1 time of the year to throw a horror movie marathon.

For several years now I've been meaning to put together a massive guide to throwing a horror movie marathon, including foods to eat, fluids to drink and most importantly of all, movies to watch. Back in the early days of Ain't It Cool News I posted one such guide in the talkbacks, but these days sifting through their archives is a nightmare and I have no idea where I saved the document (probably an old computer long since scrapped). Writing a new one from scratch this year is particularly problematic as I've already been in the process of composing a top ten (or twenty... still deciding) horror movies of the decade list. Not wanting to repeat myself, as I've already written several pages of criticism for that, I've come up with another solution.

Just ask.

While I might write a few lengthy posts on selections for this year's Virginia Film Festival, I expect that like the prior month I'm not going to post much. So this page will not likely get buried. So, I'm going to use this post's comments section to converse throughout the month.

Here's how it will work.

Give as much information that might help me suggest a horror movie for you and I'll try to. For example, list three horror movies you LIKE. Or if you are pretty new to horror, list other films you like a lot. Try to keep the info movie centric so I'll be most likely to make connections. Be sure to point out any issues with content such as no sex or nudity, or only films that are PG-13. I'm just as interested in trying to find enjoyable movies for casual viewers as I am for Saw-heads who want to know what Herschell Gordon Lewis film to see first. I haven't seen everything, and there are plenty of gaps (good mummy movies besides the Karloff classic, for example, I'd be useless at trying to help you find) but overall I have a pretty extensive and somewhat academic background reaching back to the 1910s. If you're a big horror geek already I can't promise I won't recommend things you've already seen, but I'll do my best.

All I ask is that snobbery be left off the board. If someone likes Scream 2 and wants to know what else is out there like it, please, no heckling. Fellow geeks, feel free to chime in with recommendations as well, but just remember, this isn't an Ain't it Cool News forum. So be nice guys.

I don't think my blog gets a lot of traffic these days, so I'm not expecting this to be too difficult to manage. If I'm wrong, then... well... I'll figure something out then. But in the mean time I look forward hearing from anyone who needs help trying to find a good horror movie for Halloween.


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