Friday, November 20, 2009

Brief thoughts on the Cavalier Daily sexism uproar

You know, after writing over 4000 words in debates with Dan for asserting very similar positions, I'm not sure I have the energy to break down how much is wrong with Abby Coster's "Gender Bender" piece for the Cavalier Daily. Members of FIFE are doing a pretty good job and providing links to other solid responses. It would be a great excuse to compile and revise my argument points from the aforementioned Life Scans Darkly debates into a neat comprehensible essay, but for now I think I'm going to pass. I've got gutters to oversee replacing, jobs to hunt for and a play to finish writing.

So, for now I will simply take a cue from Libby Engel. As a heterosexual male feminist, a recent UVA alumni who majored in English and has lived in Charlottesville his whole life, wore khakis, black shirt jackets and a brown fedora on campus (while listening to Imogen Heap, NIN, Tool, The Decemberists, The Rolling Stones, Tom Waits, Charles Mingus and The National on my i-Pod), used Old Spice deodorant, drank either iced coffee black or frozen mint-mochas from Green Berries, hung out in the libraries (which had plenty of women occupying them), kept a Salvador Dali painting on my wall, sucked at math, probably couldn't direct you to the Commerce School, never went to a single game while attending... other than once to women's basketball, and was never, ever, ever anyone's "bro" (preferring to be friends with people that would not refer to me as their "bro" instead), I call bullshit. Bull-shit. B-u-l-l-s-h-i-t. Bullshit.

(And yes, despite my frequent neglect of spelling and grammar in the blogsphere, I really am an English major... and graduated with distinction to boot!)


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